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Introduction: DIY F450 Quadcopter

About: Hi my name is Steve and i'm a Creative and I got Technical skills i can build anything just stick to my account . I'm a YouTuber so you also can see my all videos here

Hey! everyone My name is Steve 19 year old from India .

Finally The Day came When i Received a Package From China on 26.08.2016

I'm New to it

I've some Technical Skill .

Let's See What i do Next

First of all i'll Show you What i Bought and what is Included in The F450 Quadcopter Kit.

Click Here to See The Video

Step 1: F450 Quadcopter Parts


FlySky FS-i6 - click

F450 Quadcopter Kit - click

#The kit include:

• F450 Quadcopter Frame
• APM2.6 Flight Control
• 6M GPS
• ESC Connect Board
• 2212 1000KV Brushless motor x4
• Brushless 30A ESC x4
• 1045 / 1045R Propeller x4PCS (2Pairs)
• 3.5mm gold bullet plug x12 (12pcs male + 12 pcs female)
• Heat shrink tube x2 (50cm red + 50cm black)
• XT60 Connector

#Tools You Need

• Soldering Iron
• Screw Driver
• Zip ties
• Lighter & Hot Air Gun
• Wire

If You Want a Video Then You Must See All Step By Step

I'm Really Bad At Writing Blogs But I've a Good Skill for Making Quality Videos

Step 2:


  • Now Solder your 3.5mm Male bullet plug to your 2212 1000KV Brushless
  • Solder your 3.5mm Female bullet plug to Brushless 30A ESC
  • Solder XT60 Connector With Some Small Wire
  • Solder All the Power Wire To Power Distribution Board

Step 3:

Heat Shrinking

  • Now Put Heat shrink tube to your 3.5mm Bullet Plugs
  • Put Some Heat shrink tube to XT60
  • Use the Lighter or Hot Air Gun to Shrink it

Step 4:


Take F450 Quadcopter Frame And Screws and use Your Screw to Tight it .

Install All the ESC and Use The Zip ties To Hold The ESC in The Place .

As Shown in the image

For More Details View Video All The Steps are Clear in the Video .

Step 5:


1. Install the APM 2.6 And GPS like how shown in The Video

2. Install The RX module like how shown in The Video

Step 6:

Finally Flight Test

Remember to maintain distance from Aircraft .

Test Flight Video



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    Do you plan on selling it?

    one more question was there , have u also paid any extra custom fees ?? or only that u paid on aliexpress ??

    4 replies

    ok Thnx , was asking because I have ordered the same product from lantoo model and I'm from Patna, bihar

    hey bro , a question was there in my mind
    as the BEC from ESC's give 2A each , so have u used only one ESC to power the APM or all ??

    2 replies

    It looks awesome :) How much money did you spend for this project?

    tx and rx doesn't come in the kit but the flight controller comes in the kit

    Sorry for offtopic, but is that weed groving in the back? :D

    3 replies



    yo friend,

    i did not see any GANJAAH!

    picture pleace. o yes its OF TOPIC hahaha