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Hey! everyone My name is Steve 19 year old from India .

Finally The Day came When i Received a Package From China on 26.08.2016

I'm New to it

I've some Technical Skill .

Let's See What i do Next

First of all i'll Show you What i Bought and what is Included in The F450 Quadcopter Kit.

Click Here to See The Video

Step 1: F450 Quadcopter Parts


FlySky FS-i6 - click

F450 Quadcopter Kit - click

#The kit include:

• F450 Quadcopter Frame
• APM2.6 Flight Control
• 6M GPS
• ESC Connect Board
• 2212 1000KV Brushless motor x4
• Brushless 30A ESC x4
• 1045 / 1045R Propeller x4PCS (2Pairs)
• 3.5mm gold bullet plug x12 (12pcs male + 12 pcs female)
• Heat shrink tube x2 (50cm red + 50cm black)
• XT60 Connector

#Tools You Need

• Soldering Iron
• Screw Driver
• Zip ties
• Lighter & Hot Air Gun
• Wire

If You Want a Video Then You Must See All Step By Step

I'm Really Bad At Writing Blogs But I've a Good Skill for Making Quality Videos

Step 2:

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  • Now Solder your 3.5mm Male bullet plug to your 2212 1000KV Brushless
  • Solder your 3.5mm Female bullet plug to Brushless 30A ESC
  • Solder XT60 Connector With Some Small Wire
  • Solder All the Power Wire To Power Distribution Board

Step 3:

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Heat Shrinking

  • Now Put Heat shrink tube to your 3.5mm Bullet Plugs
  • Put Some Heat shrink tube to XT60
  • Use the Lighter or Hot Air Gun to Shrink it

Step 4:

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Take F450 Quadcopter Frame And Screws and use Your Screw to Tight it .

Install All the ESC and Use The Zip ties To Hold The ESC in The Place .

As Shown in the image

For More Details View Video All The Steps are Clear in the Video .

Step 5:


1. Install the APM 2.6 And GPS like how shown in The Video

2. Install The RX module like how shown in The Video

Step 6:

Finally Flight Test

Remember to maintain distance from Aircraft .

Test Flight Video


NicN5 (author)2017-12-05

Do you plan on selling it?

harshilanand39 (author)2017-01-06

one more question was there , have u also paid any extra custom fees ?? or only that u paid on aliexpress ??

I only paid what it's in the aliexpress page.

how much you paid ??

i paid Rs. 5600

ok Thnx , was asking because I have ordered the same product from lantoo model and I'm from Patna, bihar

harshilanand39 (author)2017-01-05

hey bro , a question was there in my mind
as the BEC from ESC's give 2A each , so have u used only one ESC to power the APM or all ??

it can easily power it up

so one ESC in output or all ??

Surajit Majumdar (author)2017-01-03

It looks awesome :) How much money did you spend for this project?

spenproject (author)2016-11-11

does the controller come with the kit or is it seprate?

tx and rx doesn't come in the kit but the flight controller comes in the kit

deankosmac (author)2016-11-05

Sorry for offtopic, but is that weed groving in the back? :D

yup it's weed


yo friend,

i did not see any GANJAAH!

picture pleace. o yes its OF TOPIC hahaha

harshilanand39 (author)2016-11-04

So what's the delivery time from AliExpress ??

about 4 weeks

Winston Dmello (author)2016-11-03

wht is its price. in indian currency

around 12000-13000

swampy_27 (author)2016-11-02

Hey i got 2 questions for ya, where did you order it from and how much was it, i would love to get one to give as a gift to my nephew.

i ordered it from aliexpress .
and it's cost around $150 total

Swansong (author)2016-11-02

It looks good, have fun flying it! :)


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