my mom always put those to all her plants when she go away, or always to all those plants that should not be drowned (like potus, ferns...) .
is free and take two minutes to do.


-plastic bottle;
-piece of fabric (cut like in the photo).
I have seen people do this now I know how it works. Thanks! <br>
This system is great on papyrus : as it takes a lot of water (it thrives in marshes and other semi-submerged locations) you can literally flood the pot the use your system water from the bottle will go to the pot when all its water has been taken by the plant. <br>You can leave for two or three weeks and find your papyrus with only the end of its leaves beginning to dry up &hellip;&nbsp;it will recover pretty soon. <br>For other plants you can also regulate the water flow by making a small hole on the cap and turning the bottle upside down and burying it in the pot. In which case the bottle must be complete (ie. do not cut the base of the bottle) : the flow will depend on the size of the hole on cap. At any rate the flow will be also depend on the demand of the plant. This system allows you to supply water to a plant that may suffer from an excess if water. <br>The reason why I don't make an Instructable about it is that I saw my mother doing it during all her life, but I don't make up such a watering system myself as I have no plants ! <br>But believe me : I sam the system work for about 40 years !!!&hellip;
Last line : a beautiful typo = saw the system (not sam the system) !!&hellip; <br> <br>Sorry :D
What a great idea! Thank you for sharing!
You are welcome!
Love it........Fast,,,Simple ,,Functional,,,and dirt cheap...............Thanks for sharing your idea with us.....
you are welcom!
Great idea for when you are going to be gone for awhile. I plan to use it at work. I work in a school and have frequent breaks from a few days to a couple of weeks. Won't last over summer break, though!)
Thank you for this instructable.
you are welcome!
Great idea. I will try this one for my vertical garden project.
Thanks, good idea
Interesting, thanks for sharing.
you are welcome!

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