Hey guys !! ...I know football mania is now everywhere.Everyone is supporting their favorite team.I'm a huge fan of German team.so I made two simple duct tape D.I.Y...hope you'll enjoy this!

Step 1: 1.Gather Your Materials

You'll need 3 different color (as German flag contains red,black and yellow) duct tapes,refill with pen, mobile case and scissor

Step 2: 2.for the Mobile Case,hold the Case in One Hand and Start Taping It According to Flag Color.

and mobile case is ready!

Step 3: 3.For the Pen,tape the Refill of Pen According to Flag Color One by One.

and ready! ..Now show your love for your team by doing these D.I.Y....Enjoy!

Man, I was rooting for Argentina!
<p>thx Naren </p>
<p>Smart idea!!</p>
<p>thanks for loving this craft &hearts;</p>
Go Deutschland!
Nice simple instructable. <br>Hier ist f&uuml;r Deutschland
That is electrical tape not duct tape.

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