DIY FRC Kitbot on Steroids




Introduction: DIY FRC Kitbot on Steroids

The Kitbot on Steroids was designed by Team 1114 to provide a simple and inexpensive drivetrain for teams to use that is both robust and highly effective. Over the years, many teams have used this style of drivetrain with amazing successes, including numerous regional winners. The best part of this drivetrain is that it's very simple to assemble, allowing you to spend more of your build season working on mechanism design, programming, and practice. Also, it's simplicity and robust nature ensures this drivetrain will keep running all season long with minimal amount of maintenance. 

as a 1114 team member I enjoy this website so I decided to post the instructions. 

Step 1: Materials

The list of materials are in the pictures.

Step 2: Part 1

Step 3: Part 2

Step 4: Part 3

Step 5: Using VEX PRO IFI Wheels

Step 6: Part 4

Step 7: Step 5

Step 8: Part 6

Step 9: Part 7

Step 10: Part 8

Step 11: Baseboard Design and the Final Product

Thanks for the how to make The Kitbot on Steroids



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