Picture of DIY FSR sandwich
How to build your own tasty force sensor sandwich in three easy steps. These 1"x1" FSRs are part of the bed_data project at ITP.

If your project needs to use many FSRs, making your own surely reduces the cost of your project.

What you'll need:

Copper PCB ($7ish from radioshack)
Conductive foam ($7+shipping from altex. $13 total)
Gaffers tape

Scissors/Shears/Wire cutters
Soldering kit

Step 1: Cutting

Picture of Cutting
P1030226 (1).jpg
We made 1"x1" squares from the conductive foam and copper board.

A manual shear was used to cut the copper squares and regular pair of scissors for the foam.
hyunus4 years ago
there something i would to know,what kind of application can be apply for this DIY fsr,i hardly want to know please..
bungalobob4 years ago
Are you force-sensing a bed in this picture? Because I was thinking on useing these for the very same reason
zack2475 years ago
so, these are technically variable resistors based on pressure or something else?
jam BD5 years ago
useful =D
many on them