DIY Fabric Earbud Holder





Introduction: DIY Fabric Earbud Holder

Are you sick of your earbuds tangling? If so this is a great DIY for you. This is a beginner sewing craft. So even if you don't sew much you should be able to do this craft. This will help your earbuds be tangle free and hopefully help you not to loose them. Keep reading and see how to make this DIY earbud holder!

Step 1: Cutting Out Fabric

Trace around something circular on to a thinner fabric. This will be your outer layer. I'm using a printed fabric. Then using that same circular object trace it on to a thicker more sturdy fabric or use felt. Cut out two of the pattern circles and one of the thicker circles.

Step 2: Cutting and Sewing the First Half

Cut one of the pattern circles and the thick felt circle in half. Put a half of the thin fabric wrong side up on one half of the felt. Then sew along the straight half of the half circle.

Step 3: Turning Over the Half Circles

Flip the patterned fabric so that the raw edge is covered and the right side of the patterned fabric is showing.

Step 4: Sewing Two Sides Together

Put the two half circles upside down and pin them to the other patterned circle. Then sew all three layers together along the rounded half of the half circle.

Step 5: Flipping the Pouch

Flip the pouch inside out so that the felt is in the inside of the pouch.

Step 6: Put Your Earbuds In

Then roll your earbuds up and put them in your stylish cute new pouch. Slip this In Your purse, backpack, or pencil pouch to keep your earbuds from tangling up. Enjoy!



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