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Introduction: DIY Fabric Gift Tags

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Step 1: Putting It Together

Step 2: Finish the Back



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    I really want a good idea for fabric gift tags, but am having a hard time following your instructions. Can you provide more detail? I don't know what you mean by your "strip" fabric (and I don't see that in the list?). Do you only need the strip fabric if you are going to use sheer and put something in the pocket? If I just want one fabric on the front, and one on the back then perhaps I don't need the sheer or the strip? I am thinking of using muslin for the "writing" instead of cardstock. Then perhaps I would want to "stiffen" the muslin for each of writing, and sew the other fabric to that? Then pink the borders? Thanks for helping me better understand your process.

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    I'm sorry you found the instructions confusing. The strip fabric is only necessary if you use a sheer fabric to create a see through pocket. The small strip fabric, when sewn to the front acts like a closure for the top of the pocket opening. If you don't use card stock you will need some other way to stiffen your muslin fabric. If you'd like to send me your mailing address, I'll mail you a sample gift tag that I've created using this method. Having an example always helps me figure out a new pattern or set of instructions for items I want to create.

    That would be so lovely if not too much trouble! 2500 Auburn St, Durham, NC . 27705

    Thank You Swansong. I'm glad you like them. They are so much fun to make.