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Step 1: Materials

- scrap paper
- cardboard
- compass or string and tape
- a sharp piercing tool (e.g. sharpened nail, dentist tool, thick needle, etc.)
- ruler
- ribbon (preferably 3/4" wide or narrower)
- exacto blade
- scissors
- earring hooks
- latex gloves
- fabric glue
- 2 pairs of pliers, *one pair may be a needle nose pliers
- * wire cutter
- * steel wire (about 22 or 24 gauge)

* optional material - for making jump rings
Talent at its best!
Great tutorial, I'm making me some hoops !
wwoww... they look gorgeous.... such a nice idea... <3
love this feeling~
That is such a cute idea! And they look like they would be soft and light on your ears!

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