DIY Fabric Storage Boxes





Introduction: DIY Fabric Storage Boxes

I made these cute fabric covered storage boxes to go in my baby's nursery. 

As a first time mother, I am slightly overwhelmed by the amount of "things" babies seem to need. I am also not the most organized person. My goal is to make it easier on myself by having boxes to grab some things out of instead of having to dig in a drawer. 

To make these you need:
- cardboard boxes
- 2 types of fabric
- white glue
- scissors
- brushes

Step 1:

I used three matching boxes that I had on hand.   (These happen to be from Swanson Vitamins where I regularly order my supplements from.) I cut out the handles, cut off the top flaps, and cut three pieces of cardboard from a separate box to glue on the bottom (inside).

Step 2:

I then cut three long strips of the printed fabric to wrap around the outside. I cut the brown fabric for the inside and bottom into individual pieces to fit each side.

I used regular white glue diluted with a bit of water instead of Modge Podge. It is so much cheaper and works just as well. I don't have a specific formula for glue and water, I just mix until the consistency is right for painting. For the printed fabric the ratio seemed to be about 60-70% glue. I used the glue straight for the brown fabric as it was a lot thicker.

I did not paint a layer of glue on top of the fabric as I wanted to keep as much of the soft fabric look and feel as possible.

Step 3:

I cut the cardboard pieces to insert in the bottom so the bottom is smooth and uninterrupted by the flaps of the box. I used these pieces as the template for the brown fabric pieces for the bottom (outside).

I then glued the bottom cardboard pieces in place.

Step 4:

Next, I glued the pre-cut brown fabric pieces on the inside. 

A metal ruler really helps tuck the fabric in at the corners!

Step 5:

I finished the boxes off with a piece of fabric on the bottom.

Overall this is a very simple project that anyone can do. The measuring and cutting can be a bit time consuming but, thankfully, there is no sewing required.

These boxes also double as great cat traps!



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Boxes are a good storage solution to help you organize your belongings and keep the area neat and tidy. This concept can also be applied while sorting your items up in storage. It helps to promote easy retrieval later on should you need to recover anything at all during your tenure.

I have always wanted to throw away those unutilized cardboard pieces in the garage but now that I have found your instructable, I know just the solution out to get rid of the mess while creating beautiful storage boxes to build something for my kitchen appliances storage. They are now simply lying around aimlessly on the kitchen counter which could be an eyesore since I do not use them regularly and the cabinets are too full with other daily necessities. To be able to conceal them inside a box would definitely be much more convenient.

Yay!! I have tons of boxes and fabric and really no storage! Now I know what I'm going to do with them. I can make these with lids to fit under the beds and store myself Thank you so much!!

I love this! I'm going to use some old clothes for the fabric, since it's for my closet. Thanks!

I think the storage boxes work fine without having to go through upholstery haha! But that's just my opinion as a lazy man who doesn't know two hoots about design haha.

I would open the handles on the sides for easy carrying, plus these would be awesome in walk in closets!

May i use you idea for my project.Im making a craft book and i think this would look really good in it. But i have to have your permission to do it first since it is you idea.

I been wanting to do this. I want to make some for under the coffee table to hide all my junk lol

These storage boxes are really pretty and look like they are easy to make too. That is what I like about things that you DIY. You are able to customize them according to your needs and preferences. Whenever you think you need a change of color, you simply change it instead of having to purchase an entirely new one. These little storage boxes are perfect for the knicks knacks you find lying all around the house like keys, remote control, coins and many others.

Love it--especially with the cat!--Looks just like mine. I have boxes that held 10 reams of paper--will give it a try!