DIY Fender Princeton Style Guitar Amp





Introduction: DIY Fender Princeton Style Guitar Amp

This my replica of the fender princeton AA964

It took me like 6 month to build the electronic part ( buying and shipping ). All soldering was made with silver solder.

The wood is pine with cherry red stain on it.

For any infos, feel free to ask, i'll add more info later



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    Man, that's really pretty, but it's not got any instructions. How was it built?

    It looks beautiful, can you post details on how to build it?

    Thank you, my friend just brought me some old tubes and a transformer. I'm planning to make a bigger one :) Even if this 15W is fairly enough !

    Looks really nice. Where did you get all the parts etc?

    This looks fantastic. Do you have any good sound test videos? I'd like to hear how a home-built Princeton clone sounds - I've been planning to build one for a while (but I keep using the parts I collect for other projects...).

    I dont have a good recorder for the sound, let me check this out and maybe in a week or 2 I'll add a little something !!.