Sewing DIY Fingerless Gloves

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DIY Inspiration: River Island Fingerless Gloves
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DIY Fingerless Gloves


Hi DIY Divas

I have a bunch of fabric laying around waiting for me to DIY with them. I don't like throwing things away which is why I want to post more DIY ideas on what to DIY with leftover fabric!

This week I'll show you how to sew these DIY Fingerless Gloves in 5 min. They're easy, stylish and practical! Even though there are smart gloves I prefer to use my fingers when using my phone or camera

Enjoy this DIY Tutorial & Thanks for watching!

What you'll need:
- leftover fleece fabric (mine is from https://www.paixaofortes.com)
- pins
- fabric scissors
- thread
- sewing machine (I use Brother DS140)


Thanks for watching!

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Step 1: Cut 2 Rectangles

Step 2: Fold It and Make Sure It Fits Your Hands

Step 3: Cut a Small Opening for Your Thumb

Step 4: Fold It

Step 5: Sew It

Step 6: See the Video for This DIY Option

Step 7: See the Full Video Here

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