As a person without a car, I don't need to carry keys around everywhere I go. Because of this, I've been locked out of my own house several times. It's a pain to wait for someone with a key, so I thought I would do something about it.

This project is my way of solving this problem, while getting the chance to interface with an awesome fingerprint scanner (aka: FPS).

Also, this module isn't restricted to just garage doors, for you can create different kinds of simple motorized locks to suit your needs.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials


Part Supplier (pictures are clickable!)
Fingerprint scanner (and JST connector) Sparkfun Sparkfun
Serial LCD kit (w/ATmega328)Sparkfun
NPN transistor Sparkfun Radioshack
BuzzerSparkfun Radioshack
Speaker wireRadioshack
3D printed caseSee step 9 for files
Copper tapeSparkfunAmazon
5V voltage regulatorSparkfunRadioshack
9V batterySparkfunRadioshack
9V battery connector SparkfunRadioshack
SPDT limit switch

Here is a list of almost all of the parts (It's a Sparkfun wishlist).


  • Soldering iron/solder
  • Electrical tape
  • Hook up wire/ jumpers
  • Wire cutter/stripper
  • Perfboard
  • Assorted resistors
  • Screws
  • Drill
  • A few LEDs for testing
  • 5V FTDI board (Sparkfun)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Access to a 3D printer
  • Optional: IC holder (8 pin for ATtiny and 28 pin for ATmega)
  • Optional: Another Arduino board/10uF capacitor (see step 5 for details)
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Hi Nodcah ..... Plz tell me how can i show image of fingerprint using this sensor??? Plz Plz Plz need ur help .... i want image from this sensor without using using demo software

nodcah (author)  aisha.ahmed11023 days ago
You'll need to use some higher level stuff if you're not using the software. The datasheet has all the commands and such to receive an image from the scanner (0x62). But, I don't know how to interpret that data and it's waaayy beyond the scope of this project.
If you figure it out, please share it!

i tried but unsuccessful in obtaining image ..... i have to submit it some where... If any one knows plzzz help me

Hi Nodcah ..... Plz tell me how can i show image of fingerprint using this sensor??? Plz Plz Plz need ur help .... i want image from this sensor without using using demo software

brmarcum24 days ago

So it's been 5 months and I presume everything is still working just fine? You mentioned in a comment about guessing that the 9V may not last more than a week. Have you found a way to resolve the power issue long term?

nodcah (author)  brmarcum24 days ago
I'm actually updating the code to work more reliably when the temperature changes, so it's temporarily unavailable. But, I attached it to a phone charger (plugged into a nearby outlet), so it can run continuously!
Thanks for showing interest! =)
Mirucag27 days ago

HI Nodcah... Greetings from Kenya

I just got all the requirments and i have challenged myself to be done with all in 2 days. I have been a bit stuck though with programming the attiny. i am also using a serial lcd as opposed to the one you have used. If i get stuck i will definitely disturb you.

Thank you though for the great project and congratulations on your win.


nodcah (author)  Mirucag26 days ago

Thanks! If you have any questions, I'll be here! =)

JoshHawley29 days ago

Good job on this! Thanks for making sure I got credit for writing the library =D

nodcah (author)  JoshHawley29 days ago

No problem! It was a great resource to work with! =D

MarkFromNJ1 month ago

I just got a scanner from Sparkfun yesterday ... not sure if they're still in stock. @nodcah, This is a really cool project, you have a bright future ahead indeed.

nodcah (author)  MarkFromNJ1 month ago

Thanks! Feel free to comment if you have any questions. :-)

Splendid work! I wish I could get hold of one of those fingerprint scanners,....

nodcah (author)  DangerousTim1 month ago

That is the hardest part... but thanks! =D

AbdulH11 month ago

hi nodcah. im using this type of fingerprint does im need to adjust the coding?

nodcah (author)  AbdulH11 month ago

Yes, you'll need to use this library. To check the print you'll need this function (highlighted in yellow) from the library's example code. It's a good programming challenge! =D


Fantastic instructable and something that I will find useful with some of my other projects. I hope you have a brilliant future in robotics. Good luck.

nodcah (author)  WiredWebbo1011 month ago
Thanks! If you have any questions about it, don't hesitate to ask! =D


Congratulations on winning grand prize in two contests! This is an awesome project... You totally deserve it!

Thanks for sharing with the community,


nodcah (author)  KyleTheCreator1 month ago

Thanks! I really appreciate the comment. :-)

Hi ...! u have done great work Nodcah.... plz tell me what else i can use for displaying comments??

nodcah (author)  aisha.ahmed1102 months ago

Hi! If you need a cheap LCD, I'd recommend this one. To hook it up to an Arduino, follow this picture. I don't really know much about the Raspberry Pi, so I can't help you with connecting the fps or the lcd to it. Sorry.

nodcah .... i m new user to this sensor .... i want to enroll myself in windows 7... where should i start coding??

nodcah (author)  aisha.ahmed1102 months ago

You can start by uploading this code with the Arduino IDE or using this software, whichever is easier for you (uploading the code was much easier for me).

I use the software earlier...... it works well... but dont know how to start it in Raspberry pi :(

Ahoy !This is a great instructable..Nice work Nodcah! It will really help me get my project up and running

nodcah (author)  homebased aviation2 months ago
Thanks! If you end up making an Instructable about your project, be sure to post it here! =)

Hi to all! plz tell me about how to connect raspberry pi with this sensor.... i am making a portable attendence system device for my school

YuriyC3 months ago

Hi to all! I want to ask you interesting question)

Can I connect this sensor and micro controller to PC and get picture of my fingerprint on it? If this is real and any one make it, I would know how to make that. Thanks)

nodcah (author)  YuriyC3 months ago

Hi YurlyC,

The fingerprint scanner I purchased was updated to support computer connection and can be found here (and the connector here).

To connect it to the computer, follow this video. =)

YuriyC nodcah3 months ago

Oh, it simple easy to connect scanner) I think, that sensor need microcontroller, but you can connect sensor to pc without any additional things. It's cool. Thank you)

JM19993 months ago


nodcah (author)  JM19993 months ago

Thanks! =D

JM1999 nodcah3 months ago

Nice job with the wins!

Darthorso3 months ago

Congratulations on your super win!!! :D

Enjoy your Epilog Zing ^_^

nodcah (author)  Darthorso3 months ago

Thank you! I know my local makerspace will too! =)

Akin Yildiz3 months ago

incredible ! we need this system installed on the life box. for the front door and the top latch.

nodcah (author)  Akin Yildiz3 months ago
That would be pretty cool! =)

Hey, How did yoy make the pictures clickable for the links on sparkfun and radioshack?

Also how did you make a table for all the parts on the instructables editor

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