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These are the instructions for a DIY fire starter.

To make the DIY Fire Starter all you need is 1 cup lint, ½
pound wax, and an empty toilet paper roll. First you stuff all the wax into the toilet paper roll (Set aside). The second step is to melt the wax. The third step is to pour the wax into the toilet paper roll, hold the toilet paper roll on a plate face down (so the wax does not spill out the bottom of it). The fire lasts 30-one hour, (unless you add wood to the fire place). We used the fire starters when we went camping. It was awesome.

Step 1: Final Product

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Here is what the fire starter looks like.

Step 2: Photo of Instructions

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Here is a photo of the instructions.


supergrl00 (author)2015-11-01

Your Welcome. I hope someone will try it and tell me how it worked for you guys.

seamster (author)2015-10-26

This looks nice and simple. Thank you for sharing your fire starter!

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