Picture of DIY Firepit
Everybody loves hanging around the ire during the summer, or enjoying a bonfire with your buddies in fall. But what if you could do that everyday? In your own backyard! That's what we did, and now we always have an area for entertaining!
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Step 1: Dig And Dig And Dig Some More!

Picture of Dig And Dig And Dig Some More!
We chose to go down about two feet, to make sure it was really safe. Then, using brick, line the inside of the pit until you've reached the top. Measuring is a must so be careful when evening out the area inside the pit.

Step 2: Add The Stone Border!

Picture of Add The Stone Border!
Adding pieces of stone, rock, or more brick makes it seem more rustic, and modern, while actually serving a purpose: to keep you safe from flames, a place to rest your shoes while your hanging around your brand new pit. Building this cost us nothing because we had extra brick and stone from earlier home renovations. And there you go! An easy DIY brick fire pit.
krisvictor9 months ago

If you are concerned with feeding air to a fire, Google "Dakota Fire Hole". In this 'structable, dig an air tunnel from the bottom side of the pit to the surface about a foot away from the pit. Dakota Fire holes are used in survival settings because they are safe and easy to back-fill when finished with the fire. However, you can use this same method to provide air to your fire for your DIY Firepit.

payton453099 months ago

Do you have any issues with getting the fire started, staying lit or getting hot enough? Being so deep in the ground I am wondering if there is a problem with good air flow. I like the look!

Squash1 year ago
If you 1. dug a wider hole. 2. left spaces between about every third or fourth level of bricks on the inner wall. 3. stacked bricks like the top layer, outside of the inner ones. Do you think heat would come up through the outer bricks to warm feet? I'd have to draw a pic to explain further. Maybe someone will know what I'm trying to say.
tiffanymeghan (author) 1 year ago
Im glad I could help!
mstewart151 year ago
This is totally what I've been looking for! Thanks for the awesome ideas!