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Colors: orange, blue, and green

difficulty level : 3 of 5

Step 1: Instructions

Follow the pictures above. Practice makes Perfect you wont get it the first time you try. I think visual learning is the best way for people to learn things, however some people disagree is you need my help and the pictures arent enough send me a message and i will be sure to help.

<p>Please Jsason,</p><p>There is not any orange colour in Indian flag its saffron and its not green but india green.</p><p>Also the Ashok chakra in the image doesn't even looks like circle </p><p>Try improving it.</p><p>I am an Indian and seeing this really hurts.</p>
<p>Also please remove your comment because in a way it is offensive </p>
It's not offensive. <br>It's just a humble suggestion for improvement of your flag art.
<p>As i said in the instructable, it takes practice and my flag drawings are more quick sketches than dedicated art. However I understand what you are saying about the wheel. As for the colors , the flag is definatly orange and green , so im not sure what your talking about there?</p>
Ok here's a reference for you hope it helps.<br>https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_India

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