DIY Flameless Fire Pit





Introduction: DIY Flameless Fire Pit

Creating fire pit inside house for decorating purposes can be intimidating.Today I am sharing a simple idea to create a faux fire pit that anyone can make under few seconds with very few supplies.Lets see how.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • A Container (I got mine at thrift stores for a $1 )
  • LED Candles(I got at Michaels)
  • Glass Gems (I got at dollar tree)
  • Black Chalky Paint (Optional)
  • Foam Brush (Optional )
  • Double sided foam stickers (Optional)

Step 2:

Paint the inside of the container black and allow it to dry. I used chalky finish black paint to give authentic fire pit look but it is totally up to you to decided whether or not to paint the inside of the container.

Step 3:

Pour some gems into the container.

Step 4:

Stick the double sided foam sticker on to the base of the candles and stick them to the inside of the container as shown.Again you can just wiggle the candles into the gems to position instead of using double sided stickers.

Step 5:

Pour the remaining gems on the top and your flameless fire pit is ready. How easy was that ?? You can add some halloweeny items like spiders, skulls or even a skeleton hand peeking out of the fire pit to add extra pizzaz to the fire pit.

Step 6:

Hope you like this simple idea.Share with me in the comments below on how you would use this idea in your halloween decor.As always I will be happy to hear from you.If you like this idea, please vote for me in "Halloween Decor Contest".Thank you :)



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    i tryed using different color lights and clear gems

    Awesome :) How did it turned out ?

    This a great idea. I wonder how well it will work with other colors of gems. Might not be as bright.

    I am thinking when you use other color gems ,the flame color will change and it will not give the original fire feel but it just my thought :) Let me know how it worked out :)

    I have a witch's cauldron complete with a mini fogger to simulate a witches brew and this fire pit would be great to simulate the fire. Thanks for the idea.

    Great :) Share the pic if you implement the idea. I would love to see :)

    I agree, it is such a pet-friendly idea. Thank you :)

    Just thought of this- could use my small cauldron as the container and use green LED candles. Perhaps the gems would make a nice bubbling effect. If I can't find green LED candles, maybe I'll see how well green Sharpie works on the flame. Then find a SAFE way to add dry ice. Then I just need the witch and broomstick!