Step 5: Step 5

Now, fold your fabric long ways, seams still wrong-side out, pin then sew.
<p>This is totally, I think a definite 'must-try' although I make my scarfs in a slightly different form. </p>
i love the scarf you made! :D
Love it! I'm not a sewer, so maybe this is obvious, but why did you cut the legs up the seams? Wouldn't it be easier to cut the legs off and just sew the ends together?
Love this!<br><br>One question, I see the pants had a drawstring in the first picture.. I'm assuming they also didn't have elastic? Did you cut off the top part of the pants as well at the beginning, or just take out the string?
this is adorable - I love it! Thanks for the idea!
how totally cool! It was awesome of your bf to let you use the pants that way.
Very Cool!
Very cool, way better than the pants!<br>badartworld
Wonderful! I just love the way it looks doubled over in the last photo! Beautiful!
Fantastic. Excellent upcycling!

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