Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Things Required-
Chart paper or other Thick Stiff paper (Like invitation Cards)- About 10 cm x 20 cm
Sticky tape
Butter paper (or other translucent material)
5 Minutes of your time! 

Step 2: X marks the Spot

Picture of X marks the Spot
The making is very simple,
1)Take your Chart paper (I used an invitation card lying around) and Mark out your dimensions on it. You can alter it to suit your camera.
My paper was 10 cm wide and 20 cm Tall.
I marked a 2 cm "LIP" and folded the rest into 3-Equidistant folds (6 Cm X 3 = 18 cm).

Step 4: Fold It

3) Mark out the Front Window and cut it out

4) Paste Butter paper (or other translucent material that lets out a nice, Diffused light) onto the front Window.

5) Fold the Paper exactly like a triangle and Glue the "LIP" to maintain shape.
bhvm (author) 9 months ago

But won't it Block too much light? It's quite thick. Also vellum tends to yellow over time.

As an Upgrade, I changed the Butter paper to diffused Translucent Plastic. Very durable and more efficient.

Marsh9 months ago

Vellum would make a good filter.

vincent75202 years ago
Great !
I vote !
bhvm (author) 2 years ago
Keep your comments coming, People!
Phil B2 years ago
I was sincerely hoping you would have included a "before" and "after" photo to show the results you get with your diffuser. I was especially curious to see how evenly the light spreads and at what distances from the subject. You have me curious, and I may try it, just to see what the results are.
bhvm (author)  Phil B2 years ago
good suggestion, I'll try to get that done. have a nice day.