The market is Flooded with Various Flash diffusers. Big and small, Costly and Cheap.
Why make one? Because I can!
And for almost nothing, your 5 minutes Self made Diffuser surely sharpens your Boast-Boat.
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Step 1: Materials

Things Required-
Chart paper or other Thick Stiff paper (Like invitation Cards)- About 10 cm x 20 cm
Sticky tape
Butter paper (or other translucent material)
5 Minutes of your time! 
<p> <br></p><p>But won't it Block too much light? It's quite thick. Also vellum tends to yellow over time.</p><p>As an Upgrade, I changed the Butter paper to diffused Translucent Plastic. Very durable and more efficient.</p> <br>
<p>Vellum would make a good filter.</p>
Great ! <br>I vote !
Keep your comments coming, People!
I was sincerely hoping you would have included a &quot;before&quot; and &quot;after&quot; photo to show the results you get with your diffuser. I was especially curious to see how evenly the light spreads and at what distances from the subject. You have me curious, and I may try it, just to see what the results are.
good suggestion, I'll try to get that done. have a nice day.

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