DIY Flex Sensor


Introduction: DIY Flex Sensor

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A cheap way to flex sensor. It will be very useful for your projects

Step 1: Things Needed :

flexible tube
LED(any colour)
LDR(light dependant resistor)

Step 2: Join It

Fix one of the tube with LDR and another end by LED.
Supply power to LED.
when you bend the tube the resistance changes at LDR with respect to luminance of LED.

Step 3: Interfacing to Arduino

It gives voltage as output thus it is connected to analog pin.



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    Awesome idea m8. das a sunlight and other light sources interfere a lot ? and if so have you tried putting it in a black shrink tube or painting it black ?

    1 reply

    yes it does affected by other luminance source which is greater than LEDs luminance and your idea will be helpful for it.