DIY Floating Book Shelf


Introduction: DIY Floating Book Shelf

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Hello guys and welcome to our another instructable.

Today we are going to make a DIY Floating BookShelf that floats in air and holds your books, decors in place.

Hope you like this project.

So let's start making this great DIY. Why?

Because we love it.

Step 1: Watch the Video...☻

So Here, you can make a DIY Floating Bookshelf that is unique and easy to build in a minute.

This project is inspired by no one (means it's original work of us).

Step 2: Materials Required...☻

For making this project you need -

  • Copper or iron wire
  • And a pair of pliers.

After gathering out all this stuff just follow the instructions in this ible and make yourself an innovative Room decor that can be used as a bookshelf.

So let's Get Started...

Step 3: Make the Wire Base...☻

First of all use the pliers to flatten and then bend the wire to the shape as shown in the images...

Your shape may not be perfect but it should be similar to this one...

Step 4: Hanging the Wire...☻

Now just put this wire base on a nail on a wall and then put books on it as shown in images...

You can see the video for more clear and understandable view...

This completes your DIY Floating Bookshelf...

Step 5: Thanks for Watching...☻

Thanks for watching...

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We welcome all your support and feedback...

Check back next week for more DIYs!

Be Safe, Enjoy, Happy DIYing and Stay Tuned!☻



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