Summer is coming (well, it's always summer here in Tampa) and it's time to get outdoors. I'm a volleyball player and was about to throw a pool party. Of course, I needed to have a water volleyball net. The only problem was that there was nothing available that suited me or my pool. So in DIY fashion, I made one out of PVC pipe. I had to make it hastilly, so there are a few places for improvement. I didn't fully photograph the build procedures, but it's easy enough to follow. Enjoy my first instructable.

Step 1: Design It

You'll have to figure out what you need before assembly, otherwise, you'll end up making a dozen trips to Lowes like I did. I used 1/2" PVC pipes to make it small and lightweight. You can use thicker pipes to make it sturdier. This is the first time I've worked with PVC pipe, so there were things I learned during and after I made the frame.

My pool is about 11 feet wide. I used a total of 10 feet of pipe. The additional tees make the entire width about 10 feet and 6 inches wide.

Here's the equipment I used:

PVC Equipment
10 1/2" slip caps (0.25c each)
2 1/2" 4-way cross ($1.00 each)
2 1/2" 3-way tee ($0.80 each)
4 1/2" top threaded tee ($0.80)
4 1/2" threaded male adapter ($0.60 each)
3 10ft 1/2" PVC pipe ($2.00 each)

Other Equipment
Net (use an old badminton net or this one from Walmart for $20 and cut to size )
50' nylon string ($3)
Plastic spray paint ($5 optional)
2 Foam Noodles ($3 each)
Beach Ball ($3)

Total Cost: ~$45

PVC cutter ($14)
Face Mask ($1)
PVC cement ($5)
Acetone ($4)
You'll also need something to debur the PVC after it's cut. I used a dremel. You can use sandpaper, but that'll be tiring.

Reminds me of Meet the Parents
I'm picturing that year-round summer thing. Scary. Tends to attract senior citizens. I really like this Instructable. It inspires me to think about some other water projects that a person could do with the PVC and noodles. One of those floating pool-lounging chairs or a raft of some kind comes to mind.
Thanks! Those other ideas sound good too. Especially the pool lounger. The next thing I'll probably make is some kind of suspended tray that floats in the pool for drinks and food that won't spill. Any ideas?
I would think you would want it wider at the base where your floats are than at the top. I can picture using some of the 45-degree elbows at the top to give you that shape.
great instructable now only if i had a pool!! :)
Cool instructable. Tying off the tops of the pvc pipes to a couple heavy rocks poolside should help ease the flexing! If I had some PVC pipe and a swimming pool, I'd try this one myself!

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