DIY Fondant Flower Forming Cups




Introduction: DIY Fondant Flower Forming Cups

Flower forming cups can be very expensive, so why not try this as a less costly alternative?

Step 1: You Will Need

A drill.
A small drill bit.
Economy paint pallets.

Ensure that the pallets you purchase have a dome bottom, the flat ones will be of no use.
These can cost as little as 50p, which is a lot less than a forming cup.

Step 2: Drill Holes in Bottom of Each Cup

Take your drill, with a small drill bit, I'd say no bigger than 2mm.
Drill a hole in the bottom of each cup. Make sure your hole is as close to the centre as possible

Step 3: Sand Off Scuffs

Turn your pallet upside down and, using the sandpaper, sand off any scuffs left by the drilling process.

Step 4: Wash and Use

Wash the pallet.
It's now ready to use.

If you need to insert a wire, stand your tray on a cooling rack so the wire can hang below.



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