Introduction: DIY Flower Pot

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For all of those green thumbs out there, here is a different take on the basic flower pot. A friend of mine designed this little pot and she has decided to give this 3D model away for free.

Things you will need -

1. 3D printed flower pot

2. Some plant seeds, or you can transfer a small plant

3. Potting soil

4. And some water for the plant

Step 1: 3D Printing the Flower Pot

Picture of 3D Printing the Flower Pot

You can 3D print the flower pot here. If necessary, use Treatstock's 3D printing network instructable.

Step 2: Adding the Potting Soil

Picture of Adding the Potting Soil

Once you have the flower pot, you will need to put some potting soil in it.

Step 3: Plant Seeds or Transfer a Small Plant

Picture of Plant Seeds or Transfer a Small Plant

You can do either or, plant a seed or transfer a small plant. I just transferred a small plant.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Work

Picture of Enjoy Your Work

Now that you have finished with all the steps, just sit back and watch your plant grow!


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