Picture of DIY Flower Press
When I was a kid my parents used to send us to Summer Camp each year. This was a magical time for me and my sister, Gabe. It meant a whole week away from parents doing what we loved doing, camping. Okay, it wasn’t camping in the truest sense, there were cabins, working toilets and hot water, but we were out in the wilderness enjoying hiking, camp fires and other kids our age. One of my favorite summer camp experiences was at this place we only went to once (sadly), but what made it great was the fact they had classes you could sign up for.

You could take four classes a day for the entire week and by the end of the week you had something to show for your time there. Of course the main ones I wanted to take filled up fast: archery and ‘Make Your Own Flower Press’. Instead I got Hiking, Woodworking, Interpretative Dance (we did a show at the end of the week) and Aerobics.

My sister got into the Flower Press Class and I was so envious cause she got to bring home this beautiful device that immortalized flowers. It wasn’t until years later (many of them) that I decided it was time I make my own. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried this sooner! It is so simple! Plus I cheated by using pre-cut wooden plaques. Still, this is a fun project for child and adult alike and I figured I would share it with you lovely people.

1. Stencil
2. Paint
3. Cardboard
4. Pre-cut wooden plaques (you can get these from most craft/hobby stores)
5. Paint Brushes
6. Nuts and bolts (x4) -Make sure they are long enough to fit through both pieces with extra give to accommidate the cardboard pieces.
7. (Not Pictured) Drill
8. (Not Pictured) Sandpaper
9. (Not Pictured) Ruler and Pen
pattiemelt1 year ago
If you use wingnuts instead of the plain flat nuts, it will be easier to tighten & loosen your press.
wing nut.jpg
That's cool! Looks so easy and beautifully painted :)
Thank you! :D
scoochmaroo2 years ago
I used to have a flower press as a kid, I loved it! It had different kinds of papers in it, I guess as blotters to take out the moisture of the flowers. Great tip to use pre-cut wood shapes!
thistleandleaves (author)  scoochmaroo2 years ago