DIY Flower Stud Earrings





Introduction: DIY Flower Stud Earrings

I wanted to share this fabric flower stud earrings tutorial for a while and finally here it is! This instructable will show how to make these cute fabric flower stud earrings in few simple steps. You can make these cute colorful flower ear-tops for yourself or as a gift. 

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make fabric flower stud earrings you'll need:

1) Fabric (net fabric, tissue fabric, satin fabric are great for making flowers),
2) Scissor,
3) Candle or lighter,
4) Blank ear studs,
5) White glue or hot glue,
6) Thread and hook,
7) Beads.

Step 2: Cutting

Making fabric flower finger ring is easy. Though I've used the same technique to make the ear studs but you have to be careful in this case as both flowers have to be of the same size.

I used tissue fabric for making the fabric flowers.
Cut out 2 similar sized pieces from the tissue fabric and hold them together (one on the top of the other one),
Now cut these pieces into circles, in this way both circles will be of the same size. 
Similarly cut the other circles. Remember to cut 2 circles together, as we're making ear tops, we'll need 1 for each ear tops.

I've cut out 8 circles of 8 different diameters, the largest circle is 3 cm in diameter and the smallest circles' diameter is about  1 cm and rest are between 3cm-1cm. This depends on how big you want the flower to be. Though I've made flowers of different sizes later.

Step 3: Burning

After cutting the circles, carefully burn their sides with a lighter or candle.

You have to be very careful while burning the biggest circle, as you'll have to keep the size of both pieces same.

Now burn the sides of the rest, try keeping the similar sized circles same in size even after burning.

Step 4: Making the Flower

Arrange the burned circles or layers together to form a flower like pattern. Place the large ones on the bottom and the small ones on the top.

Use thread and hook for attaching the circles or layers together, also attach a small bead in the middle. Tie a knot at the back so that the circles/bead don't come off.

Step 5: Completing the Ear Stud

Now that you have both flowers ready simply attach the fabric flowers on the blank ear tops with hot glue or white glue.

Don't they look cute! They're fun to make, besides you can make as many as you want, using different colors and beads. They're great for gift too :)




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Where did you get this blank ear studs??

Muy bello y muy facil de realizar.

Muchas gracias

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