Hi! Friends, In this tutorial I would like to show how to make a flower vase out of plastic bottle. This flower vase can be used to keep both artificial and natural flowers. For keeping artificial plants or flowers use pebbles or sand in order to fill the vase and for natural flowers use water. This piece of craft is completely made out of plastic bottles. We use a lid of relatively large container as a base for the flower vase. Use spray paint or painting brush to paint the flower vase.

Kindly watch the embedded video for visual tutorial.

[ I am not a native English speaker. So kindly forgive me if my English is poor.]

Step 1:

Materials Required:

1) Plastic bottle

2) Lid of a container

3) Artificial plants or Natural flowers

4) Pebbles

Tools Required:

1) Cutting blade

2) Glue gun or any adhesive for plastic bonding

3) Iron box

4) Spray paint or Acrylic paint

Cool fantastic ?♜☯????⛱?&zwj;⚓?
<p>Thank You! goodahoys.</p>
<p>These look great! At first I thought that they were 3D printed, but on closer inspection I saw that they are not. Although you can tell what they were made from, these still are pretty cool!</p>
<p>Thank you so much random builder.</p>
<p>Such a great idea! I love the multi-colored one :)</p>
<p>Thank You! Penolopy.</p>

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