DIY Follow Focus for Your DSLR -- Tips to Change Focus Smoothly




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Introduction: DIY Follow Focus for Your DSLR -- Tips to Change Focus Smoothly

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A follow focus is always used by professional filmmakers to adjust the focus. It makes changing focus so much easier and smoother during shooting. This tip will show you how to make a DIY follow focus for your DSLR. All you need is a silicone twist jar opener!

Step 1: Attach the Opener Tightly Around the Focus Ring.

Step 2: Use the Jar Opener As a Handle to Rotate the Ring Slowly While Filming.

Your DIY follow focus is done! With this, you can change the focus easily and smoothly.

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    Gard to understand the idea without any pictures. Can you include some of the device?

    2 replies

    Please check the video! All the details are included in the video. :)

    Gard = Hard in my prior comment.