Introduction: DIY Four-leaf Clover in Resin

Picture of DIY Four-leaf Clover in Resin

Things required are listed below
2)Sand paper
3)Four-leaf clover
4) flat plastic piece (for mould)
5)car polishing past (or) any polishing past
6)Weight machine

Step 1: Preparation of Mould

Picture of Preparation of Mould

We prepare mould as per required ihave taken rectangular mould as shown in figure

Step 2: Preparation of Resin

Picture of Preparation of Resin

I have taken 20 gram of Resin and 8 grams of hardener
pour this in half of the mould

Step 3: Placing Four-leaf Clover in Mould

Picture of Placing Four-leaf Clover in Mould

Four-leaf clover is placed in the mould with the help of holder

Step 4: Filling Another Half of Mould

Picture of Filling Another Half of Mould

Fill another half of mould with Resin as show in above fig

Step 5: Remove Outer Plastic Parts(mould)

Picture of Remove Outer Plastic Parts(mould)

when resin gets hard Remove the outer plastic (mould) by heating as shown in figs

Step 6: Shape With Sand Paper

Picture of Shape With Sand Paper

After removing outer plastic parts (mould) we have to get it to required shape by 1) gritty sandpaper 80
2)we snad paper with water
Grading 360,600,1000,1500,2000

Step 7: Polishing

Picture of Polishing

we using the car polishing past



Step 9:


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The fastest indian (author)2017-10-26

Hi Friend,

This comment is not to offend you!

But instructables is a place to share what you make! The content should be original. You just can't take screen-shots from a popular youtube video and make a description to post it here. It would be nice if you try it out yourself and upload the pictures of your version of what you saw in that video.

But these pictures are just screen-shots from the Youtube video

Atleast you could have mentioned in the introduction that this is a guide to that youtube video. Give credits to the original author mate. Makers spend a lot of time making these things. Don't get offended. Share what you make. You'll get all the support from the readers!

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Jetsom (author)2017-10-23

We made similar paper weights as an art project when I was in primary school... 25 years later it's still standing on my desk! This is a fantastic way of showing off something as unique as that four leaf clover. Nicely done!

Mechanical bro (author)Jetsom2017-10-23

Thank you

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