Picture of DIY Free Motion Cycling Rollers
This is a copy of the Inside Ride Emachine Free Motion Floating rollers. It works fantastically.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
-1-8ft section of 1.5" Diameter PVC pipe
-4-6 Rollerblade wheels, preferably equal sizes. Skateboard wheels could work also.
-2-3 2' 6" Metal rods the diameter of the inside of your Rollerblade wheels, mine were 1/4".
-4-6 Metal end caps the size of your metal rod. They look like little hats. One is shown in the picture.
-2-36" Black Rubber Tie-Down Straps.
-2 bolts with nuts. About 2.5-3".
-4 pretty large washers.
-Some screws and some nails.
-A hacksaw
-If your rollerblades came with small spacers, keep them, but if not it''s really not important.
-A countersink bit isn't absolutely necessary, but allows the screw head to lay flush.
-Wood glue if you'd like.
-Preferably small table saw, but jig saw could work with a steady hand.
-A basic set of tools would come in handy. A wrench, hammer, and screwdriver were useful.
-And obviously, your rollers.
-The first nine supplies(except the rollerblade wheels) cost me only $35 at The Home Depot.

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gregr5 years ago
Why does the front wheel turn?
The wheels on a bicycle are gyroscopes that keep you upright. They must spin, or you will fall over.
trayo gregr5 years ago
 If I'm not mistaken it's so you can control the side to side motion of the bike. It would feel more like your riding on the road and less like a stationary trainer bike. This is my first time seeing the free motion thing and it looks super cool.
pennachi1 (author)  trayo5 years ago
Exactly. Do you cycle?
trayo pennachi15 years ago
 I do cycle.
pennachi1 (author)  gregr5 years ago
 There is a belt between the first rear one and the front. It is clear though that's why you can't see it
crashman772 years ago
I'm just a tad confused with the wheel/axle assembly. Does the wheel just rest on the rod through it's hole? Or are there washers or something other than the endcaps involved? If there is, I obviously missed it. :)
jongscx5 years ago
You need to mount the FreeMotion Rollers themselves to a set of road tires so that you can take it outside and practice stationary cycling while moving outside...


jdlbb jongscx3 years ago
Confused...why not just run? Seems like there is a lot of wasted energy happening.
jongscx jdlbb3 years ago
Well, if your point is to exercise, it would actually be more efficient to do this because with all the wasted energy you will burn more calories traveling the same distance. Also, it would isolate you from the road surface irregularities.

All seriousness aside, this IS actually supposed to be silly. Cool but silly.
That...I really want to build one.  That would be the most hilarious thing to show up to work riding...
pennachi1 (author)  jongscx5 years ago
That's funny as hell.
csorrows5 years ago
 I'm confused. Where did the rollers come from? They are not mentioned in the parts needed. Is there something assumed here that should be explained?
 I *think* he purchased standard cycling rollers and then added the PVC slides on the site. So, still expensive :(
i think youre right. theres no real benefit from this unless you already have spent the dough on the frame and rollers already.
There are plenty of 'make your own rollers' guides out there. Try this one: http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Bike-Rollers/

PS: I know I'm late to the party, but I wanted the link here for anyone who got here from Google and didn't notice it already.
M-26-75 years ago
I'd really appreciate if you could point me towards a site/store where I could buy some rollers (if you know of any).

Also what do you think of parabolic rollers? Would the build need to be changed for this? 
amdivoff M-26-74 years ago
I was told by a Saris employee that you are able to purchase rollers individually if you wanted...
pennachi1 (author)  M-26-75 years ago
This is the website of my rollers. http://www.saris.com/c-7-rollers.aspx?skinid=2 I have the aluminum ones without resistance but any of them on the website would work. And the parabolic rollers could work except for the fact that the drums the bike rolls on are really close to the ground, not allowing much room for the axle. I am not saying they couldn't work but from the images online it looks like it could be tough. This was in the Elite brand I saw, I don't know of any other brands of parabolic rollers but I also don't know much of anything.

www.saris.com ? the link results 404 error. and saris.co has only racks.
anyone have a good working link?

looks like that's the one the author was referring to.
amdivoff4 years ago
I bought Cycleops PVC rollers for 179 including shipping and no tax.


even though they are PVC, i found cycleops is the only one offering lifetime warranty.

Individual rollers for sale are way too expensive.
 I have a set of rollers and try to use them often, why would i need the bumpers, is it cos its easier to fall off on motion rollers. Surely the bumpers make it dangerous. Great idea though, off to the local B&Q store for wood and stuff, and my little girl doesn`t use her roller skates anymore. Well she won`t when i`ve finished butchering them!!!
evamen885 years ago
Thanks for the 'ible.  I was considering the e-motion rollers but this plus normal rollers will save me over $400.  As I'm new to rollers do you think fore and aft bumpers are necessary (as in the ones present on e-motion rollers)?  Again, great job!
sing1ejack5 years ago
Ok, this is pretty clearly intended for folks who are much more into cycling than I am.  Stipulated.  But what if I, a non-biker who has 6 yr old lawnsale bicycle used pretty much exclusively for trips to get milk, wanted to build one of these from the ground up?  I don't happen to have a set of rollers laying around and am not too keen on laying down a couple hundred for them.  Any reason I couldn't make some with some pipe and a couple more rollerblade wheels fixed to each opening?  Other ideas/improvements/cautions?
pennachi1 (author)  sing1ejack5 years ago
 If you are willing to try that then I say good luck. It seems that it would work if you could find the size pvc to fit a rollerblade wheel. Also you would need some sort of flexible belt to go between the 2 front-most drums. You can buy a replacement one (I think) and that would obviously work. 
centurion485 years ago
 Perhaps better to drill and fix the PVC half-pipes to the timber after the axle height is confirmed. The PVC pipe can then just be rotated (outwards) to allow the axles to clear the PVC then the pipe is screwed to the timber.
Good and simple design - I like it.

pennachi1 (author)  centurion485 years ago
 That's friggin' smart.
TFrosty5 years ago
where did you got your actual rollers as well as the frame you used?
pennachi1 (author)  TFrosty5 years ago
I just took it for granted that everyone understood that you need rollers to make this.
yomero5 years ago
but the actual thing where the bike rolls, thats store bought right?
pyro13245 years ago
what if you go one inch too far to one of the sides?!
Your front wheel falls off the roller, hits the  floor leaving a black streak of rubber and stops rotating. The rear wheel usually starts sliding in the opposite direction and before you know, your instincts have unclipped your shoe and placed your foot on the ground.

You will then take a few deep breaths to calm your racing heart and commence training.

No big deal. :) If you think about the forces involved, falling from rollers becomes much less horrifying. While riding on street, you will have a mass about 100kg going on at 30km/h. That is a lot of momentum. On rollers you have two 0.8kg wheels rotating. They just don't have the momentum to cause a serious crash.
pennachi1 (author)  Visitor5 years ago
Exactly. Some people are worried about being clipped in but I can clip out without even thinking about it, just as fast as not even being clipped in.
 a new youtube smash hit
pennachi1 (author)  tealpsyclone5 years ago
pennachi1 (author)  pyro13245 years ago
I have done it before, but that was the first day I got it. You can fall pretty violently, but usually you stay on your feet. Now I am good enough to where I just don't fall. Also, there are side bumpers on so that doesn't happen.
it's a rube goldberg suicide machine.
you're just missing the falling weights attached to coo-coo clocks and a watering bucket.
glenm5 years ago
nice. my rollers are just on their legs I will consider doing this. does it feel better? nice felt I think I have the same one.
pennachi1 (author)  glenm5 years ago
It feels amazing. Even the slightest back and forth motion  makes the ride smoother and feels just like the road. And mine is an F75.

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