Picture of DIY Frosted Privacy Windows
Hello there, this is my first Instructable and I thought I'd share the method I used to create privacy windows in my home.  It's a combination of two methods I have seen pretty widely used, but with some experimenting I achieved the results I wanted -- a consistent look, a good level of privacy, and an agreeable laziness factor.

Disclaimer: This has not been tested in high-moisture environments.
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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need:

- Valspar Tintable Glaze available at Lowes
- Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass
- A paint brush (preferably one that fits in the can)

All total, sub-$20.  One can of each did a whole 112" x 49" window.

You can optionally tape off the windows as there will be overspray on the Rust-Oleum step, but I just used a little elbow grease and windex at the end to clean things up.

Step 2: Step 1: Spray on the Rust-Oleum

The only thing I'm using this to achieve is the added privacy as the tintable glaze alone did not provide the privacy I wanted.  Don't worry about the unevenness of the spray -- later steps will mask this.  I try to get this step done fast because using spray paint indoors is kind of a nightmare.  Open a door, turn on the fans, lock your pets in another room, it will be slightly noxious.

Pictured is where I stopped.  This is about 2 passes following the instructions.  It dries completely in about 3-5 minutes allowing you to immediately move to the next step.  Don't worry, it gets better.

jshapiro19 months ago

I tried to do this with Modern Masters brand tintable glaze and it didn't work at all! The glaze still wasn't dry after a week, and it had melted off the Rustoleum brand frosted glass spray I used underneath. I haven't tried it with the brands RighMeow recommends but don't use Modern Masters!

Very helpful! I have glanced at the price of some adhesive sheets that involved squeegees and were expensive. Your solution is a lot cheaper! Thanks for sharing it!
RighMeow (author)  missplumeau1 year ago
You're very welcome! I have gone through a good bit of trial and error with the squeegee on stuff as well. It was difficult to put on larger windows and I just gave up and returned it. And you're right, it is very expensive!