Picture of DIY Frosted Privacy Windows
Hello there, this is my first Instructable and I thought I'd share the method I used to create privacy windows in my home.  It's a combination of two methods I have seen pretty widely used, but with some experimenting I achieved the results I wanted -- a consistent look, a good level of privacy, and an agreeable laziness factor.

Disclaimer: This has not been tested in high-moisture environments.
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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Picture of Gather Your Supplies
You will need:

- Valspar Tintable Glaze available at Lowes
- Rust-Oleum Frosted Glass
- A paint brush (preferably one that fits in the can)

All total, sub-$20.  One can of each did a whole 112" x 49" window.

You can optionally tape off the windows as there will be overspray on the Rust-Oleum step, but I just used a little elbow grease and windex at the end to clean things up.

Step 2: Step 1: Spray on the Rust-Oleum

Picture of Step 1: Spray on the Rust-Oleum
The only thing I'm using this to achieve is the added privacy as the tintable glaze alone did not provide the privacy I wanted.  Don't worry about the unevenness of the spray -- later steps will mask this.  I try to get this step done fast because using spray paint indoors is kind of a nightmare.  Open a door, turn on the fans, lock your pets in another room, it will be slightly noxious.

Pictured is where I stopped.  This is about 2 passes following the instructions.  It dries completely in about 3-5 minutes allowing you to immediately move to the next step.  Don't worry, it gets better.

g10lafleur3 months ago

RighMeow - i can seem to find that exact product you used - the valspar tintable glaze - did it change? would you be able to send me a link on the Lowe's website or something? thanks

RighMeow (author)  g10lafleur3 months ago
Hi there, I'm not seeing it on the Lowes website either. This product looks like the same thing but I would contact Lowes or Valspar to confirm. You could also test the process on a small sheet of glass if you can find a scrap somewhere. Good luck!
Cherbear8213 months ago

RightMeow, thanks for your reply yesterday! I did my first coat of Valspar glaze last night and it looks not so good this morning (10 hours later). It is uneven and very streaky. Will that even out over the 2 day drying time period? I'm beside myself. Trying to put house on market and I have to get this done...

RighMeow (author)  Cherbear8213 months ago
I'm sorry you are having a rough time! Mine was very streaky when wet and I felt like despairing as well, but it evened out when it dried. Where you see the white color in your picture is still very wet. I also put on a 2nd coat of the tintable glaze after the first one finished drying completely and that made it even more even once it dried completely.

Yours looks like mine did at this stage! Turn up the AC, turn on a fan, it should not have those opaque white streaks when it dries. Good luck! The waiting is a pain, I know!
msm19814 months ago

Great job, I've been looking for an affordable privacy solution for my full-light neighbor facing front door...

RighMeow (author)  msm19813 months ago
Thanks! I hope it works out. I got lazy and never did the renovations and the windows are still holding up great.
Cherbear8213 months ago

I used the Rustoleum on a radius window above my front door. I wasn't able to apply evenly and now it looks splotchy. Can I use the glaze after the Rustoleum is dry? Help! Please :)

RighMeow (author)  Cherbear8213 months ago
Hi there, I believe only Thor himself could apply something like Rustoleum frosting spray evenly. Mine was splotchy as well and I let it dry and then put the glaze over it which evened it out. I hope it works out!
jshapiro11 year ago

I tried to do this with Modern Masters brand tintable glaze and it didn't work at all! The glaze still wasn't dry after a week, and it had melted off the Rustoleum brand frosted glass spray I used underneath. I haven't tried it with the brands RighMeow recommends but don't use Modern Masters!

Very helpful! I have glanced at the price of some adhesive sheets that involved squeegees and were expensive. Your solution is a lot cheaper! Thanks for sharing it!
RighMeow (author)  missplumeau1 year ago
You're very welcome! I have gone through a good bit of trial and error with the squeegee on stuff as well. It was difficult to put on larger windows and I just gave up and returned it. And you're right, it is very expensive!