What are the resources?
What are the tasks necessary to make 100% of humanity a success?
How can we ever do so without ever advantaging one human at the expense of another?
How may we render all the world and all its treasures enjoyable available to all men without having one interfering with or trespassing upon the other?
How may we reform the environment so that the integrity of all society is not violated by the free initiatives of the individual nor the integrity of the individual violated by the developing welfaring advantage and happiness of the many?

- R. Buckminster Fuller

Aloha Yall

OK. I know you came here to find out my recipe for an extremely (almost free) cheap, easily constructed by joe average fuel saving and emission reduction device that will cut your fuel bill by a huuge amount AND almost eliminate smoke WHILE cleaning your engine components.  And you will. In abit. 

First though, I wish the story to be known. Well ok, my story.  If you don't feel like reading this right now, I understand, though I hope you will get curious later.  You can get the recipe at

Quit your yakking and just gimme da  #$$%^! recipe. (link recipe)

The reason behind this technology and the way I choose to make it massively and easily available is that it has the potential to actually make a difference in air quality worldwide.  The use of oil though, notwithstanding the increase in fuel efficiency due to this device, I don't anticipate will decrease. People will simply drive more or blow more leaves.. Remember when we all thought computers making us more efficient will reduce our work? Turns out we just used the freed up time to work more.  Like that. 

No, I anticipate the major impact will be a tangible and almost instantaneous improvement of your local air.  I mean your local local air like your garage when you warm up the car; the truckpark at your diner; the bus station; the ferry; your construction site; your leafblower (admit it, you have one of these mega air polluters). This is the way I hope it will happen. Some people will notice the results of them and their network implementing an actual proactive act of enviromental remediation by making and installing an emission control and fuel efficiency device in their engines.  Perhaps this might, I hope, lead to a change in thinking viz. A) I can actually make a difference (not just claim to be a currently trendy "green") B) It is good economics (in your wallet, not on some TV ecopundits's chalk board).   A massive rethinking on an all planet over local level is needed to change things. That is my goal behind my passing on the info.  Maybe people can feel some hope again amid the gloomy outlook being shilled by mass media. Maybe even revival of the idealism and zeal we once had when we were young? (I am referring to my own age group of B/IPPIES (Boomers/ex hippies) and our tarnished hopes here).  This is my own motivation.  Goes to show you can take the hippie out of the commune but you take the commune(ity) out of the hippie.  Some of us simply refuse to cut our hair (even if it is getting a bit thin :-)

I do get a selfish (sorta)  and beautiful benefit doing this.  You know how you feel when you help someone or do a good deed?  I hope you remember anyway.  yeah you do. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this, heheheh.  For me I always got off on coaching Little League.  The feeling I get when I do, is, for me, right up there in the  feelings leaderboard.  This I have figured out lately (from energy cultivation studies-see below) is because FEELINGS ARE REAL AS GRAVITY.  Now it don't take much of a genius to figure that the cadillac of feelings is Love.  The rest is merely static.  It is so simple to me now.  I feel great when I coach kids because they love me!!  Kids are pure and innocent and their love is pure and innocent and static free.  We feel this most easily and acutely. I know I am not wrong when I say - Everybody knows this (yadayadayada rational mind schrational mind...).  Oh some of us (too many) go through some period where we let life kick us around so much we think this is not true. Rerealize the truth. Please.

My mentors taught me that if I generate useful new information, Universe will bestow benefits and blessings tenfold upon me.  This is always been true and remains so.  There are many people who follow this credo and I admire them as a class.  I wanted to continue to do this.  I still have many ideas and developed projects in the works as I enjoy Designing (in the Bucky Fuller definition) and I wanted to get them out there.  The real world business bit has never been a pleasure for me. So I decided to just give the designs away.  No strings attached. Go for it. Run with it. Make it . Use it. Give it. Sell it. Tell it. Spread it. Link it. Translate it. Mirror it. Facebook it. Google it.  Just please mention the E.L.V.I.S. site (as a way of furthering the distribution).

I want many millions  to use this information, build this device, reduce personal air pollution, save lotsa dough, make a business, rekindle hope, feel enpowered, feel just plain good to do something.  I want the most love vibes possible.  I want to feel, in my deepest soul body the cascade of resplendence. And get wiped out in the laughing tumble cycle of the goodvibes tsunami already approaching. I trust Universe to bestow appropriate blessings upon me.  :-D

I give you the Electrochemical Liquid Vortexing Ionization System.   E.L.V.I.S.   Hey I think its cute and memorable while paying due respects to The King.  Its actually TM in the Philippines where I currently live on a small island with my family cultivating bamboo, organic food and reefs.

E.L.V.I.S.  TM
Electrochemical Liquid Vortex Ionization System.

An inline catalytic device that electrochemically charges fuel to enhance  dispersion through self repulsion resulting in more complete combustion. E.L.V.I.S. reduces soot; dissolves deposits; increases horsepower; cleans emissions and improves fuel economy. E.L.V.I.S. makes your old engine rock like new.

The Science

Certain metals, under special environments can be persuaded to donate electrons (negatively charged subatomic virtual particles). These free electrons will attach themselves to molecules of any conductive fluid or gas with which they are in contact.  This causes these molecules to become cationic (acquire a negative electrical charge).  Since like charges repel, when this fluid (say hydrocarbon fuel) is atomized into a spray, this tendency results in a more finely and widely dispersed cloud.This allows more contact with oxygen molecules and increases the efficiency of combustion. This increases the total amount of heat energy (BTUs) available,  preventing  soot (unburned fuel) formation as well as consuming any previous soot.  This translates immediately to more clean horsepower from less fuel.

These principles of electrochemistry (over a century old) have been applied in devices both common, (ex. batteries), and classified (ex. rocket engines). Jet Propulsion Lab's 1984 report for NASA -  NPO 15715 - REDUCING SOOT IN DIESEL ENGINES - on the effect of charged fuel on soot reduction concluded that charged fuel produced less soot during combustion.  Their 1998 report, NASA - NPO 20219 - ELECTROSTATIC DISPERSION OF FUEL DROPS TO REDUCE SOOT - comparing electrostatic ionization vs. atomization of fuel concluded - "Electrostatic charging is superior to mechanical centrifugation for combined soot nucleation reduction and enhancement of evaporation"  

Exclusive to E.L.V.I.S., the outbound fuel stream is spun into a high speed vortex that braids the liquid inwardly into a higher energy imploded state. When released by the fuel pump this pent up energy causes an extra outward impetus to the fuel molecules in addition to the self repelling effects of like charges.

Electrostatic fuel ionization technology has been extensively tested and is currently being used by corporations, government agencies and military forces all over the world.  Affordable consumer level devices using this principle have not been widely available until the E.L.V.I.S.

For all the details go to    www.the-elvis.info

Step 1: Ingredients

Whether it is to be Utopia or Oblivion will be a touch-and-go relay race right up to the final moment. . . . Humanity is in 'final exam' as to whether or not it qualifies for continuance in Universe. It is the integrity of each individual human that is in final examination. On personal integrity hangs humanity's fate

- R. Buckminster Fuller�

How to make your own E.L.V.I.S.

Personal and commercial models

Personal model.
All small engines, marine/autos/pickups, gas or diesel. Not LPG.


Copper beads
Aluminum beads
Zinc or Stainless steel beads
Ordinary plastic inline fuel filter
small piece of aluminum or stainless steel mesh

fancy metal screw type cleanable fuel filter
small Neodymium (rare earth) magnet
Small piece of aluminum
Hello everybody,<br>I made the elvis. The truth is that I was too excited about the project that I forgot to take step by step photos. Anyway as soon as I turned my car on and started driving I felt an increase in power. My car is an 1983 vw passat mk2, 1.6 diesel, 40kw. Now I am about to test the fuel consumption.
<p>Hello, </p><p>Did you get any fuel savings? I can't figure out the small metal particle problem. How can you avoid the engine/fuel pump from the scrubbed small metal particles?</p><p>I have a diesel car which vibrates very badly. The different metal pieces will rub each other in time. </p><p>Thanks,</p>
<p>I am interested to know what the droplet size would be for a fuel injected engine. The size in a stock FI engine is +/-5 microns. This can be further reduced by adding acetone to the fuel in a ratio of 40ml/70L. This weakens the surface tension in the fuel and will provide more mileage. This was used to great benefit in WWI in the South Pacific by American fighter pilots.</p>
<p>great project!</p>
<p>Website still viewable here :)<br><br>https://web.archive.org/web/20120224101444/http://www.the-elvis.info/recipe.html</p>
www.the-elvis.com site is dead. :-(
im curious to what the magnets do? also if the fuel came in contact with anything metal would it not ground the charge,so in turn would the fuel particles be attracted to the sides of the cylinder, would this be enhanced if the particles of fuel carried the same charge as the engine so the spread evenly throughout the cylinder?
the magnet is for anti-bacterial purposes. diesel has this issue.
...wwwhhhaaaatttt????? :confused:
Food for thought: The reason we did away with lead in our gas was that it was a heavy metal (the proof of the danger of such things being emitted from exhaust systems can be seen by how many dumb drivers we now find on the roads (grin)). With the foregoing in mind, and without having dwelt on the matter for more than a few seconds, is there a possibility this would result in heavy metals being kicked out through the exhaust?
The reason we did away with lead was it's incompatible with catalytic converters.
Not to mention the lead poisoning from the smog we were making with the junk. I may be dumb (probably the lead poisoning from that era), but I'm not that dumb!! <br><br>And, btw: tetraethyl lead was just a cheap octane booster; the regulation requiring elimination of such (besides cleaning up our air and saving our lives) cost the oil companies bunches trying to find octane booster replacements.
is it okey using ceramic magnet?
did you have simple blueprint for this project? <br> <br>iam not good enough to understand technically english language .. made me confusing here :D <br> <br>thanx
was going to use a female of galvinized pipe fitting and two male to hose fittings of <br>brass would this be alright? this is a fuel injected engine... <br>also thought about winding the galvinized fitting like a electro-magnet with low volt power <br>say 1 1/2 ..... need feed back on this idea,, also haven't see any body with feedback on how well the original design is working for them. thanks emily
what type of stainles steal shoul'd we use nonmagnetic like ss316 ss304 or magnetic ss like bolts and nuts?
ya supposed to go to my website to see all the pics...and I hit you up fer a cuppa coffee...heheheh...<br />
what type of stainles steal shoul'd we use nonmagnetic like ss316 ss304 or magnetic ss like bolts and nuts?
universe is not a God. Evolution dosn't exist. Carma also doesn't exist. What about Lamda O2 sensor or map maf iat
i have a dodge durango 1999 5.9l with the gas pump inside the tank it is poss <br>ible to add this device outside the gas tank thanks
ok probably stupic buuut can i use this to positivly charge people<br />
Wow - if only!
you can.&nbsp;&nbsp; I want people to make money from ELVIS as I&nbsp;said, so they can be motivated.&nbsp;&nbsp; if you make lotsa dough, throw me a bone now and then<br /> <br /> aloha<br /> kai<br />
with fuel injection the pressures would be to high for the home made one wouldn't they? I would like to try this on my tundra v8 but don't want it to blow apart on me. Is there a high pressure&nbsp;container that I&nbsp;could use? Or would the one you show be okay for fuel injection?
It needs to be ahead of your fuel pump, (hard, because most are in-tank), or you could start with a fuel filter that's designed to take that kind of pressure. I would suggest Summit Racing or Speedway Motors. <br> <br>I think this sort of thing may well be more suited for an older vehicle, and perhaps more benefit would accrue to fuel droplets that might fall out suspension along the intake tract, whereas on port injection this is going to be a lot less of a problem.
Just built one here in the workshop. The filter was $20 though...<br>Will be filling up over the weekend and running her dry to set a benchmark and then installing the E.L.V.I.S. and testing it out.<br>
so did you get any test results?... someone else also said they had installed it but never got back with their figures
Have to say it's still sitting in the car waiting to be installed - I'm working fulltime, going to Uni and have a 6 month old so I have a pile of things like this mounting up that I chip away at... When I get round to it I'll post the results....
I love the idea, and the theory proves correct. I do run a HHO, but also build custom rods, so i build big HP. 650 and up or don't talk to me about building you a engine. <br><br>I have worked with NASCAR on all levels, and they are also trying to lower the emissions. Though harder to do, not impossible. You seem like the man with the thinking out of the box and who cares if you do not like me idea, help the environment while we can or shut up. <br><br>Just reading the comments, i like you even more, and i can bet safely there is alot more coming, or your just storing the knowledge away for another time.<br><br>Ionization i have been fascinated with from kids age. I know the bennies and flaws, i must admit, never thought of it this for this application, but all brilliant.<br><br>Keep up the good work for humanity.<br><br>I am building on that you can put inline that would surprise you and the ppl that have it. Something that looks like it belongs there, so please send me your info, would love to be collaborative with you on this for all of us.<br><br>Not trying to be rich, just want to keep what i work for, no more high gas prices.<br><br>
do you mean HHO as in water gas generator? I have been following Brown's Gas for 15 years.<br><br>kai
I have done the best i can for the results, and Ca comes out with restrictions on Diesels, What they didnt know is i have the sys in place i built, they cant see it, and it passed there test. Lower emissions then what a diesel should, they were confused but passed and had no choice. this my friend was funny, to get them like that, but the best part is It works, and very well
Sure. I am always into collaborating and co-inventing. <br><br>let's talk.<br><br>aloha<br>kai
would love to, sent reply to you in email
am making the prototype for the 85 psi model today, will send you some #. Do not know if you received my last email. But trying to stabilize the heat from the motor to filter vs the heat of friction inside at this psi.
Hi Carole<br><br>I need more details before I can offer any opinion as such.<br><br>reach me at yahoo in canada. my moniker is makena_kai<br><br>aloha<br>kai
got it, will send you what i intend, and if you have experimented with it before.<br>
k...sigh...i worked so hard and so long on this gadget...will try and dig up some pix&nbsp; or make some... aloha,&nbsp; kai<br />
awesome.. BTW they add something to disel to increase the conductivity for safety purposes.(lookup Unichem 7551) And gues what ..bio diesel doesnt need ANY additives and shows good conductivity.&nbsp; I donot have access to bio diesel but will be happy if some one finds it out.. That proves in thoery atleast E.L.V.I.S should work for bio diesel as well.&nbsp; and finally one doubt i am an electronics guy I am thinking how much ionization can fuel take before any sparking occurs. ... anyone..? and do you like the National Geographic Channel Kai ;).<br />
aloha techraptor<br /> <br /> i cam across NASA data on glyserides and ionization and it does.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; also no explosive potential since it is a passive small effect&nbsp; like plating or battery.<br /> <br /> check out www.rentaria.com&nbsp;&nbsp; they sell thier's for 1200+&nbsp;&nbsp; same principle. ..i want the world to know. this secret, :-)<br /> <br /> cheers<br /> kai<br />
Hi makenakai,<br> <br> Rentar's system is not the same principle. They do not ionize the fuel, only polarize individual molecules. Or so they claim; I don't know if it's true or not. But it's more plausible because creating dipoles is much easier than ionizing, in the absence of ions or electrons in the environment.<br> <br> They also create hydrogen gas, via catalysis, which speeds up the flame and allows the engine to be run at leaner conditions.&nbsp;All the independent verification looks compelling to me.<br> <br> Whether or not all their principles are sound I can't say, but on first scan I'm much more inclined to think that they've got something real.
R***tar does use the same principle. This is from their original patent holder. The H injection is new to me. So far this tech is not that great since the energy needed to catalyse H from water is enormous. <br><br>New innovations in this area involves the use of charged crystalline lattices as molecular sieves. The idea is to position molecules in a certain geometric way, via charged binding sites, that certain ones get knocked off easier. <br><br>HOH generators appear very promising.<br><br>aloha<br>kai
polarization is the effect of ionization, ions being a charged molecule. Similar charged molecules repel each other creating a net effect of increased distribution and resultant more efficient combustion.<br><br>Passive ionization is the key. Its the reason why undersea wrecks get coral growth before they rust. The different metals in a ship create varying ionization effects that create a small potential difference. This is enough to create a current and we know that small currents stimulate coral growth. Google electric reef building.<br><br>aloha<br>kai
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /> Namaste Kai,<br /> <br /> I have built one using a transparent filter.we will start testing on my friend's Honda 100cc&nbsp; 4 stroke, 1994 model bike. i made an excel sheet from the images you put up. will run for 15days&nbsp; with testing every day.<br /> <br /> Will post build pictures this weekend.<br /> <br /> I think rentaria also gets carbon credits from sales using their test results as carbon saving projections . Just a wild guess..<br /> <br /> Greetings from India,<br /> Anil<br />
cool.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; keep me posted man.&nbsp; if you go to my www.the-elvis.info you can see some of my test results.<br /> namaste<br /> kai<br />
If there were to be an order that the fuel passed over the metals what would it be?<br>I'm thinking about leaving the metal in bar form, and placing them perpendicular to the stream of fuel within the filter, just to make sure there was no restriction added from the balls getting stuck against the filter or opening.
The spherical shapes have better surface area exposure. No particular order is needed.<br><br>aloha<br>,kai
hey dont fuel izonier barrley improve gas millage<br>
Hi makenakai, Thank you for the interesting instructable. Just a couple of corrections. First, negatively charged ions are anions, not cations. Second, soot is not unburnt fuel but, depending on the fuel and conditions, rather the product of either (1) fuel that has broken down to small molecules and then recombined to make fairly mega-molecules, or (2) early byproducts of fuel combined with the smaller hydrocarbon molecules. What kills soot is not high temps but rather the presence of oxygen, which &quot;chews it up.&quot; Regarding ionization potentials, it's true that molecules can be ionized but the amount of energy it takes to do it can be very high. Those ionization potentials are typically published for use in ionizers that boil off electrons at fairly high energy, or other processes that impart a good amount of energy to a molecule. (This isn't to say that there may be no ionization taking place in your process, but I wouldn't count on having a lot of electrons with energies of ~10 eV, as it would take to ionize octane. That's a HUGE amount of energy for thermal processes - molecular bond energies are on the order of 1 eV) Finally, Batdragon's explanation involves the initial fuel containing a bunch of positive and negative ions that basically balance each other until they hit the Elvis. That isn't the case - the fuel the comes from the pump or tank or whatever is pretty much fully nonionic to begin with. What I suspect your process may be doing - and I need to read it carefully to see - is imparting static electricity to the surface of the droplets, where they basically hang out and don't ionize the liquid. You can still have droplet repulsion without ionization. Also, what's the deal with the magnet and bacteria??? I'm not familiar with such an effect. Cheers!

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