From my project (transformation LED floor lamp using gearbox parts) I had some ... gearbox parts.

Si I did table lamp.

Step 1: Beginning


1. Gearbox parts (after demolished automatic gerabox from some Japan car)

2. lower part of the piston from Lancia Lybra

3. bols and nuts

4. bulb holder

5. electric wire

6. "Edison" bulb

7. clear and chrome spraypaint

Angle grinder, welder, drill, stell brus, hot glue, etc.

Step 2: Lamp Base

Prepare lower parts of the piston as the pictures.

Fasten with bolts and nuts.

Put together with part of gearbox (cut the right thing, try on).

For wire, make of groove in the lower part of the lamp base.

Step 3: Welding

Using welding connect lamp base with a gearbox part.

Step 4: Bulb Holder

Prepare bulb holder: connect to the electric wire, paint chrome spraypaint.

Step 5: Finishing

Clean the rust and paint with clear paintspray.

Attach the bulb holder to the gearbox part.

Step 6: Lamp Is Ready.

Screw in a light bulb.

Plug to power.

<p>Can't go wrong with gears. I like it!</p>
So cool! I saw a site that sold valve covers as desk lamps and they were very costly! Something like Junky to Funky, the base was iron pipe and 90&deg; elbows, the V.C. from a 55 Corvette, some Edison bulbs and a braided cloth cord that whole thing was $500 &amp; they were sold out of it! But you could pay $20 for directions of how to do it for $20, Crazy! Way to go for the comments above me, I am in Taylorsville in Carroll!
<p>Thanx. </p><p>My cost: gearbox (with 3 gear as the pictures- its 3 lamp)- beer; Edison bulb $5; cord $4; scrap metal $0; electorde for welding, paint, etc. -$4. </p>
<p>very good, like it.</p>

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