Picture of DIY Galaxy Shoes
Here's a relatively cheap and awesome DIY project to turn your shoes into galaxy shoes!

To begin, here are the materials you will need:
Cheap Black Canvas Shoes ($10 at Walmart)
Paint of different and fun colors, the more vibrant the better
Paintbrushes, sponges, anything to paint with
Water in a cup
something to cover up your surroundings and a towel for cleaning
Masking tape or painters tape

Optional: Mod Podge (Helps to seal in paint but is NOT waterproof)
Waterproof Sealant Spray -so water won't wash away your hard work
Paint Palette -You can use a paper plate or something else but this is very helpful
Glitter Paint- This added a nice touch and makes the stars sparkle!

Step 1: Cover up

Picture of Cover up
Wrap the white parts of your shoe with either masking or painter's tape. It will come out much cleaner in the end!
apeme3bitter2 months ago

Thats so cool! This is a great idea for old,ugly,converse!

HeyaHiya4 months ago

I believe you can get outdoor mod podge which is waterproof.

Magh2os2 years ago
These are great! I wanted to get some shoes like this, but if I can make them, it will save tones of money, and I can do exactly what I want! I'm going to add a TARDIS on mine..... ;)
Same! i wanted doctor who shoes and i am going to write TARDIS in Gallifreyan on it! ^_^
Conas made it!2 years ago
my Nike deGrasse Tysons :) thanks for the 'table, it was fun! I mixed some glow paint with the paint for the galaxies, they don't glow a lot but I'm eager to see them under a blacklight
Saxophone (author)  Conas2 years ago
Glad you enjoyed it. They look fantastic, thanks for sharing! :)
Saxophone (author) 2 years ago
Thanks everybody for the support! Don't forget to add pictures if you do the project, I would love to see them!
Love this! So cool!
Travpena2 years ago
thank you so much i have always wanted to do this
Asriel Grim2 years ago
Plain AWESOME! imma make these for my niece! Great 'ible!
MicioGatta2 years ago
Nice!!!! >*.*<
Kiteman2 years ago
Awesome job - I love footwear that isn't mass-designer.