Step 4: A Smokey Mists of Stardusts! WHITE!

You can skip this step totally if you don't like the white(I skipped white on the shoulders I painted later)
I used the edge of the sponge to lightly dab on the white paint.


More like highlighting the lightest edges(the pink parts) and giving it a whimsical whirl.

Will the paint come off or run if the sweatshit gets washed?
<p>Hi! Sorry for the terribly late response, yes, it is machine washable! just make sure to not layer too much paint!</p>
Sweatshirt* i am very sorry for that typo
<p>Swag. Can I post this on my Pinterest pag?</p>
<p>good job! I really like it. It's one of my favorites.!</p>
<p>This is a very well done instructable! The detailed steps and tips on avoiding over-painting, for example, are so valuable. Plus the project turned out beautiful! Makes me want to try this with my grandson, the space nut. Great job!</p>
<p>THIS IS ABSOLUTELY WHAT I AM GIVING MYSELF THIS CHRISTMAS. Thanks so much for the DIY galaxy shirts! Love it soooo much &lt;3</p>
<p>So cool! I will try ^ u ^ </p>
<p>Yay for anything galaxy! Great job! :)</p>
<p>you could also buy one like that legging for 6 dollars from ebay... moreover by making it by yourself you might don't like it and it will be wast of money</p>
<p>How would you suggest keeping it clean and keeping the paint nice? I've had bad experiences with paint separating from fabric in the past, and I would like to know what you use to keep yours intact.</p>
Fantastic! These turned out really nicely!
This is great, good job! :)
Awesome work!
Thanks for the awesome 'ible! <br>Now i can space-out my unused clothes.
Thanks for tutorial! I have always wanted to make galaxy t-shirts and sweatshirts!
Any tips on washing these?
Wash on cold and try to avoid over drying to prevent the t-shirt paint from cracking.
I've had my eye on a galaxy print fabric, but didn't want to pay the price per yard. I'll have to just get some plain cotton fabric and just use this tutorial instead. I can't believe how good this looks. I'm always clueless when it comes to using t-shirt paint, but I'll definitely have to pick some up to try this. Thanks for this tutorial.
Very nice! Being a &quot;sneakerhead&quot; this would go great with the Galaxy Foamposites I have stored away! Def' gonna' try this. :) <br>Thanks for posting up.

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