DIY "Galaxy" Sweatshirts! Or anything you want to "SPACE-ify"!


Step 5: Glow in the dark paint time: Glow in the dark BLUE!

Picture of Glow in the dark paint time: Glow in the dark BLUE!
So I used a blue glow in the dark paint but you are free to use any glow in the dark product.

This is not a necessary step but because it is the galaxy and galaxies glow I thought it would be a cool effect!

Glow paint is pretty faint so you need to build it up a lot.

Again put a dime size amount of glow paint onto your palette.

Take your sponge and dab it into the paint and press on the paint to all the painted areas very lightly and let it dry.

Repeat that a few more times till it's all glossed over but not too glossed where you can't see the vivid colors beneath(the blues, purples, pinks and whites)

(The photo was taken after it was dry)

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