DIY "Galaxy" Sweatshirts! Or anything you want to "SPACE-ify"!


Step 7: Finished product!

Picture of Finished product!
Screen shot 2012-12-07 at 11.54.24 AM.png
IMG_1864 copy.jpg
IMG_1865 copy.jpg
It's so easy and even if you aren't an "artist" you can do it!

I haven't taken a photo of it in the dark yet but I will post it up soon!

All the planets and stars glow in the dark!

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ccallaghan10 months ago

How would you suggest keeping it clean and keeping the paint nice? I've had bad experiences with paint separating from fabric in the past, and I would like to know what you use to keep yours intact.

bbob61 year ago
This is great, good job! :)