DIY Garden Storage Bench





Introduction: DIY Garden Storage Bench

While I have set up my garden at my new home I didn't have any water tap at the garden area, therefore I used a tap which was located a few meters fro the garden. In order to connect between the watering system and the water tab I have used a hard hose and placed it lying on the floor. I have 2 kids (boys) that playing all day at the garden so I needed to protect the hose from them.

After thinking of a few solutions I have come up with an idea to create a bench that will be over the hose and will used also as a storage box fro the outdoor toys

Step 1: The Problem

The expose hose next to the garden which need to be protected and covered

Step 2: Drawing the Bench Base

The location for the bench was 183 CM X 36 CM.

The needed height of the bench was 56 CM because of the tab height was 54 CM and I wanted to cover it and protect it.

I created some drawings by the location size

Step 3:

Instead of drilling and then placing screws I have used special drilling screws

Step 4: Creating the Base

I went to the carpentry shop to select the wanted wood and to cut it by the drawings.

The wood I chose was pine wood with thickness of 4 CMX4CM

The base was connected with screws of size 6 CM which commandeered to use with wood works

Step 5: My Little Helper

My little son brought his set of toll in order to help me

Step 6: Painting the Base

I painted the base with hydrolysis which will protect the wood from cold/hot weather

Step 7: Creating a Shield for the Tab/hose

I created a cage/shield to protect the hose/tab from all the toys that will be at the storage part of the bench

Step 8: Covering the Base With Boards

I took wooden boards of 2 CM x 9.5 CM , some of the 181 CM for the back and front and the others are 32.5 CM fro the side.

I placed them with the special screws and separated them with a 0.2 CM spacer

Step 9: Connecting the Top

I connected the top with a panel with 179 CM boards attached to furring strips

The top was connected to the base with hinges

Step 10: Final Result



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    Wow!!!! the most bountiful bench I ever seen.

    You are so gifted : )


    What I really like about a DIY storage bench is that you have the ability to finish it so that it goes with your deck. Store bought items never seem to coordinate properly.

    You are right. That why I did it by myself to be custom and fitted my size