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Basic Method + Material.

Bamboo 1-2 inches thick 2 feet long
2 part Epoxy Resin
Spring Steel from timber Pallets 1-2inch wide by 1-2feet long
Used Bicycle tyre innertube

Tools :
A sharp knife
A sharpening stone ( i use smooth paving tiles)
Tin snips or hacksaw
A sharpening Steel - handheld knife sharpener

Method :
Cut bamboo to size - cut bamboo to length leaving both end joins.
Stab one end with the knife in the centre of the end join. knife will penetrate join.
Cut Spring steel too size. a foot long blade needs a tang at least half a foot long . mark tang size and cut spring steel up the centre cut off one side of tang. This tang will go inside the bamboo end join stabbed earlier.
Use Sharpening stone to file and flatten the edge on one side of spring steel. always sharpening at 45" degress to the stone and with water. once edge is flat on one side turn spring steel blade over and start sharpening !!
Once spring steel blade is sharp , insert tang end of blade into bamboo. it should be a tight fit. do not force the blade into the bambo vy hand instead tap the bamboo on the ground with blade ontop and verticle gravity and force will force blade into bamboo much stronger than by hand . once entire tang is inside bamboo continue tapping untill blade starts to penetrate bamboo . 1/2 inch of blade into bamboo is enough. the blade and bamboo now have become one and should not move. Cut bike innertube in half and wrap tightly around bamboo near blade end. this will compress bamboo over time and help lock in blade. Mix epoxy resin and stick onto bamboo and blade end join. this will ensure blade and bamboo are always one.

wait for epoxy to set and then go cut some pesky plants !! the longer your bamboo the higher you can cut.


swaxman (author)2014-12-06

a smaller size garden sword

swaxman (author)2014-12-06

If any instructapeeps out there make this please feel free to post / send me pics ill attach the images/Text to the page !

swaxman (author)2014-12-05

Sir Lance my Plants alot !!

rpotts2 (author)2014-12-05

SHOW that garden who's boss!

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