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Introduction: DIY Garden Trellis

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Ever need a garden trellis but don't want one of those cheap store bought ones that fall down all the time? Well read on if you want to create a virtually indestructible garden trellis!

Step 1: Cut Down a Tree

Go out into your woods and find a tall straight tree to use. At the base it should be around 1" and 1 - 1/2". If you can find a dead tree that's even better because your not cutting down a poor innocent tree, but unfortunately for me there were no dead trees, i took them all.

Step 2: Cut Your Wood

You will need pieces of wood these sizes:





Step 3: Screw in Your 30",18",and 13" Pieces Over Two of the 55" Pieces

The 13" piece goes at the top, The 30" piece goes at the bottom and the 18" piece goes in the middle to make a triangle shape.

Step 4: Bolt the 3rd 55" Piece in the Middle of the Other Two

I used a 3/8" Bolt to hold together the three 55" pieces to create a pyramid.

Step 5: Done!!

My blackberry bush needed a trellis and it worked awesome!! I hope you will find a good use for this :)



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