Step 1: Material

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Lets continue with this tutorial on how to build your own Lightsphere-like flash diffuser. So what do we need? Not a whole lot. All you need is to locate your nearest IKEA store and take your family for a little trip. My kids always love to go IKEA's playroom while I go fetch for photography ideas from inside the store. If you're not intrested in getting a new bed or sofa, head to kitchen department. You need to locate this product:

IKEA | Built-in kitchens | FAKTUM/RATIONELL system | RATIONELL VARIERA | Drawer mat

Basically what it is, is a silicone drawer mat that is placed on the bottom of your kitchen drawers to prevent from scratches and the likes. I bet the IKEA engineers never thought about how great of a product they have for us photographers. You see, it has these nostles or pimples or whatever you want to call them on the surface of the mat. This diffuses the light in an efficient way.

Anyway, get one or two rolls of the transparent one, not the smokey gray one as this will smoke your white balance.
Warpy5 years ago
I was really excited about building this, but it doesn't appear that this drawer mat is available in the USA. At least it doesn't show up when I search for Rationell Variera Drawer Mat on the IKEA USA web site.  Anybody have a strip they'd like to send me??   :)