Step 7: And your mask is done!

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Now you can run around in the tear gas a little easier, just slide the mask over your face, make sure the straps are tight and you're ready to go.

If you have improvements or your own builds, please post them in the comments below. Stay safe!

For more info about occupy protests going on around you, check out Occupy Together

For info about hackers are getting involved in the occupy movement go to Occupy Hack
i just love that every body is making political comments on her for or aghanst the US for or aghanst the occupy movement which yes were mentioned. but really its just instructions for an emergency device dont expect it to be a 400 dollar gas mask its made out of a pop bottle. id rather have that then nothing. nice instructable. ill make imporvements as i see fit. and if i think of any potental political rants id like to go off on ill just come back here.
The pamphlet says to keep vinegar handy to soak the cloth with. I suggest a keeping a balloon with vinegar and some means to puncture it in the mask. That way you have a self contained kit.
This is incredibly genius.
2701683 years ago
you won't have to make one if you just listen to the authorities, the authorities are just doing what they were told to do.
neur0 2701683 years ago
And protesters are just doing what they need to do.
Alderin 2701683 years ago
Tear Gas or CS Gas doesn't dissipate very quickly, and it's effects can be felt more than a mile away from the "event". I've trained around and with CS Gas enough to know. MANY people will feel the effects of the gas that was intended to disperse the FEW who don't listen. Especially in urban areas where the Occupy protests are happening.
yaaz3 years ago
thx for this awesome idea! (Better this than nothing, right?)
kprichard3 years ago
There are always situations where having anything is better than nothing. If a man had his arm pinned under a boulder miles from anyone else, and after 3 days he began to cut his arm off with a pocket knife, would you say " You should really be using a sterilized scalpel and a medically approved bone saw." Or maybe " Standard procedure is to sit and wait for rescue."

This is definitely not something that anyone should attempt to make and use daily at work/school or even the "occupy" protests. But in case I found myself in an emergency without my expensive commercial "standards approved" gas mask, your damn right I would use a soda bottle, swimming goggles or a shower cap, or whatever I could get my hands on to give me the best chance possible.

I think many of you are completely missing the point. As dumb as it may sound, knowledge really is power...and I thank you frenzy for giving me one more thing to add to my collection of ideas.

I did read an article once here: http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2008-12/diy-gas-mask-popsci-fans-step-step-guide

It is old school, but they had some ideas. I don't know how it would impact issues with CS or CN gas, but it would seem that adding the usual activated carbon and/or soda lime could help cover some bases depending on your use case.
raviolikid3 years ago
This has nothing to do with tear gas - but I can see these as being used in my Art and Engineering class instead of the standard eye protection and dust mask. My student had a hard time keeping their gear on - and this just might be easier and provide enough protection.

Thanks for the idea.
Helder4u3 years ago
You should test it first before puting it out here.
No joke!
kleach13 years ago
As a person who has had to use protective masks in a real world environment the duct tape would only work if the area is actually taped to your face to make a complete seal. By just stuffing your filter in the neck of the bottle you don't have a seal around it's edges. Tape it in place. You'd have a more effective mask by attaching the breathing apparatus to a scuba mask to keep the gas out of your eyes.

Now get fully informed and realize that if you live in the US you are the 1% as most of the occupants of the world don't have access to education, health care or an insulated home.

Look to prior generations for motivation of how to get through life's hardships and don't expect the world to come to you on a platter.
I think I get what you mean, I agree.
Equator3 years ago
Some rubber strips around the side to keep it on but then you mightneed better pressure from a bigger/stronger straps, or foam around the edges for a seal idk how breathable foam is but i know there are some good ones, Great idea, thanks for it!