Introduction: D.I.Y. Gear Ties

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This guide will show you how to make super simple gear ties. These are cheap and effective ways to attach gear to packs when molle and alice aren't available. It's pretty much a heavy duty bag tie.

-Bailing wire
-1/8" heat shrink tubing


Step 1: Assembly

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Slide the heat shrink over a fairly straight piece of wire. Gingerly heat the tubing until it's hugging the metal. Cut the wire to length. Done.


KVSBUNNY (author)2017-05-06

I could use these, roughly what gauge is baling wire?

Skwurlito (author)KVSBUNNY2017-05-10

This is what I used.

Skwurlito (author)KVSBUNNY2017-05-10

I used 18ga. but you could use anything you can twist. The wire is a lot easier to use by hand with the soft coating.

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