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Introduction: DIY Geometric Room Decor

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This is an awesome and insanely easy piece of DIY room decor! I hope you like it! This is a remix inspired by Mia Stammer:

Step 1: Gather Supplies

What you need: Large Stick, Scissors, Ruler, Pen, Scrapbook Paper, String, Hot Glue/Tape

Step 2: String

So first, cut about 4-5 strands of 43 inch string. Then loop about 5 inches of the string over the stick and either tie, glue, or tape. Space these strands 9 1/2 inches apart.

Step 3: Triangles

Now cut about 15-18 triangles from your scrapbooking paper (about 2-3 different colors is good) and arrange them onto your string.

Step 4: Attatch

Now tape or glue on your triangles to your strings. Then flip it over.

Step 5: Viola!

Now that you have flipped over your art you can hang it up!



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    This is very cool! My room decor color theme is gold, white, and pink, so I think I'll make it in those colors. I'll also probably have more, smaller triangles!

    I am using that in my room