DIY: Getting the perfect finish applying screen protectors

Picture of DIY: Getting the perfect finish applying screen protectors
We often get asked how to apply the screen protector, or how do we avoid bubbles under the protector. To help we decided to make this DIY.

Please note that results may vary & the screen protector you have may be different to the one pictured – but it should apply to all screen types of screen protectors. This guide is based on the Matte 3D Diamond Screen Protector for iPhone 4 / 4S.

Before you start, ensure that you are doing this in a dust free environment.
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Step 1: Step 1 - Clean Clean Clean

Picture of Step 1 - Clean Clean Clean
Step 1: Thoroughly clean the phone surfaces ensuring it is free from dust, fingerprints, etc..

Step 2: Step 2: Line it up

Picture of Step 2: Line it up
Step 2: Line up the protector to ensure that it is the correct size & orientation

Step 3: Step 3: Peel ...

Picture of Step 3: Peel ...
Step 3: Turn the screen protector over and peel back 1/3 of the removable layer

Step 4: Step 4: .... & Stick

Picture of Step 4: .... & Stick
Step 4: Realign the protector into it’s final position and slowly peel back the removable layer

Step 5: Step 5: Done!

Picture of Step 5: Done!
Step 5: Done!

Step 6: Step 6: What about the bubbles?!

Picture of Step 6: What about the bubbles?!
If you find that you have bubbles as pictured; use the cloth to push the bubbles toward the edges of the phone. This should leave you with a bubble free finish.




1. This particular screen protector has only one removable layer with the tab labelled incorrectly (for the adhesive). Screen protectors with 2 removable layers (adhesive & top) are labelled accordingly.

2. The plug – our range of screen protectors is available at: http://wozzland.com/mobile-accessories-c-18/ (Free shipping within Australia – plus a bonus 10% off using fb6b80d83f )
wilgubeast1 year ago
This is the best piece of informative salesmanship. If only all the spammers understood the value of contributing to the community BEFORE flogging their terrible products. Great Instructable.
areilly21 year ago
areilly21 year ago
I usually sole the screen protected in water and then apply it. Works every time and if you get a piece of hair
Or something just take it off and re wash it until it goes in right.