DIY Giant Kisses Filled With Kisses!





Introduction: DIY Giant Kisses Filled With Kisses!

Create your own giant Kiss with a custom tag! These are so fun and easy... and no baking required! They are great for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, Mother's Day, or any time you just feel like giving someone a GIANT KISS!  Click here for more fun DIY recipes and tutorials!

For each giant kiss you will need

    Aluminum foil
    Custom tag (written or typed) cut into strip
    Plastic sandwich bag
    Hershey Kisses (or your favorite snack to fill you Kiss)

Step 1:

Fill a plastic bag with Kisses. (A bag WITHOUT a zip lock actually works better, but it was all I had.) Bring the 2 diagonal corners together and twist, creating a bulge of kisses in the bottom corner of the bag.

Step 2:

Get creative while filling your Kiss. Try fruit for a healthier alternative, marshmallows, fruit snacks, candies, popcorn, or your favorite snack!

Step 3:

Cut a base for your Kiss out of cardboard to keep the shape when wrapping it up. Mine was about 4 1/2" in diameter.

Step 4:

Wrap your cardboard circle in foil.

Step 5:

Cut large sheets of foil to wrap your kiss. I used pre cut foil sheets that were about 10"x12". Place your bag of Kisses on top of your cardboard circle and place in the middle of the foil sheet.

Step 6:

Wrap foil up and around your kiss, covering it entirely, forming a point at the top with the tag sticking out of the top. For more fun Valentine's Day/Romantic ideas and recipes click here!



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    Just made one for mom, but she wont be too happy with the fact that I finished
    her foil.

    She didnt eat it.Turns out she was on a diet. :c

    How neat! :D I like this a lot.

    I simply LOVE your idea!I will make one right now!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea! 1 of our 3 kids can't have chocolate (MSPI) so it's hard to find him little things for these chocolate holidays! THIS is GREAT!!!! THANK YOU for the WONDERFUL IDEA!