DIY Giant Paper Rose Tutorial (Eden Style Template)





Introduction: DIY Giant Paper Rose Tutorial (Eden Style Template)

Paper flowers are an amazing addition to any event! From birthdays, to shower, wedding and more they are a great way to decorate.

Hi everyone! I'm Abigail and I have been a paper artist for almost 7 years. Wow, I cannot believe I just typed that! It's surreal to me.

This is my first Instructables so I'm just putting in this little intro and getting my feet wet with this site to see what happens.

I hope you enjoy! Templates for this rose are linked below in supplies and are instant download over in the shop and the full video tutorial is below. You can also view dozens of other templates here and many more full length videos over on my Youtube.

Let's go over supplies and petal count real quick:

Scissor and/or cutting machine

Circle punch

Eden templates

Glue gun

Rolling tool

Petal count

Version shown here is a large flower.

Start with the petal count from 1st layer for an XL or from 2nd layer to build the large size shown here.

1st layer- 8 petals

2nd layer- 8 petals

3rd layer- 8 petals

4th layer- 6 petals

2 centerpieces

1- 3 inch circle

Step 1: Full Eden Rose Video Tutorial



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    Those are really nice looking flowers. I love making paper flowers because they never wilt and don't need water.

    Thank you! Yes, they last forever! :)