DIY Glitter Notebooks





Introduction: DIY Glitter Notebooks

These notebooks are sparkly, stylish and easy to create. They will add a little shine to your day and make a great personalised gift! The materials required for this DIY are mainly household items so you do not need to spend a fortune purchasing new materials.

Step 1: Avoid Using Glitter Inside!

Be warned, glitter is very hard to remove from surfaces so I highly recommend completing this DIY outside unless you want sparkling floorboards!

Step 2: Gather Your Supplies

- notebook
- glitter
- glue
- masking tape
- white paint or white contact paper
- clear contact paper

Step 3: Cover Your Notebook

Cover your notebook with white paint or contact paper.

Step 4: Create a Pattern

Once the paint has dried (or book has been covered in white contact), start placing your tape on the front cover to create your desired pattern. I am creating an abstract pattern by placing my tape on the book at different angles!

Step 5: Cover in Glue

Paint the front cover with a layer of glue. It does not matter if you paint the tape because you will remove it later (I chose not to!).

Step 6: Cover in Glitter

Evenly spread the glitter onto the front cover, making sure you do not leave any gaps. I am using gold glitter but you can use any colour/s!

Step 7: Remove the Tape

Once the glue has dried, shake off any excess glitter and peel off the tape!

Step 8: Protect Your Notebook

To protect your notebook from sprinkling glitter everywhere, carefully cover your notebook in clear contact!

Step 9: Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this making this! Comment down below any ideas you have for my next instructable! Please vote for this Instructable in the Glitter competition!



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    Might make some for 8th grade next year! Can u make DIY Agendas and decorations for Clear and Mesh Backpacks plz??

    Awesome!! Def gonna make it, it's perfect as a gift!! #loveit

    nice is it purchaseable??

    You told it will be nice to tape.But I made a Butterfly,Elephant.Zig-Zags and Moustache out of the same idea but different method.The books with names are my friends and without names mine.I did it for them for $50(buying things) .Hope you like it!!!


    Thank you for following me. First how did you find me? Any way, I love this instructable. Bye.

    I would love to do such creative ?.. ?

    WOW! Coolest DIY, definitely going to do this!! #loveit

    Cool idea! Thanks for sharing! I really love the tape design!