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Introduction: DIY Glitter Ornaments

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This is a way to create cute ornaments for the holidays with few materials and few dollar bills. They come out very pretty and easy to put on a Christmas Tree.

Step 1: Coat the Bulb

Coat the inside of the ornament with windex (pledge floor cleaner may work as well). Shake of bulb around covering it in the windex. This will help the glitter stick inside the bulb. Drain any access windex into a trash bin.

Step 2: Add Your Glitter

Add a decent amount of glitter into the bulb. Shake the bulb around to cover the entire inside of it. The more glitter the least likely your are to get "bald spots" in your ornament. Shake any access glitter into a bowl or the trash can.



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    I've heard of using clear floor finish instead of window cleaner then swirl in the glitter and it looks the same. That might dry hard enough to hold a heavy glitter better. So beautiful!!

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    I actually thought of using floor cleaner, but I decided against it because I completely forgot to buy some lol. And I wanted to start on it before Christmas time. Hopefully I will be able to try the floor cleaner though to see if it does work. Thanks for the compliment.

    So cool! How long does the glitter last? Does it fall off over time?

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    If you use chuckier glitter it will only stay for a day or two. Sadly, those were my favorite ones. Although the bulbs in the photo, I used fine glitter and it has been a couple of weeks and they have stayed on prefectly fine.

    This is a fun idea! Love your take on the Glitter Ornaments project.