Introduction: DIY Glittery Gold Table Numbers

I love putting together fun and quick video’s that will help your planning and DIY’ing go even quicker. These glittery gold table numbers are perfect for you wedding day. Your tables will pop and they are super easy to make.

Step 1:

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Supplies needed.

Foam Board


Cutting Board

Gold Glitter

Hot Glue Gun

Spray Adhesive Glue

Printed Numbers


Skewers or Popsicle stick

Step 2:

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Print out the numbers you will need. I printed out numbers 1-10. With your hot glue gun, glue the number to the foam board.

Step 3:

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Place your cutting board underneath the the foam board. With your knife very carefully cut out the number. You may need to flip it around and cut out the other side.

Step 4:

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Next, you are going to want to pull off the number, I did this so the spray on adhesive glue goes on smoother.

Step 5:

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After you glue on the wooden skewer, take your number and cover it with your spray-on adhesive glue. Immediately dump glitter all over it. Covering the sides, top and bottom very good. Make sure you have a piece of paper below to catch all of your extra glittery. Tada!! You did it!!!

Step 6:

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I made numbers 1-10 in about 20 mins! If you want to save money and time, then these glittery gold table numbers are right up your alley.


Swansong (author)2017-01-23

These are really pretty!

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