Step 4: Extra Fun

Picture of Extra Fun
I was thinking and remembered that the reason why the solution glows is because the Potassium ferricyanide excites the electrons or something and makes them glow, and so i had the idea to run an electric current through it and it started to glow a bit, THEN i had the idea to tazer it, looked alot better, you can kinda see in the picture the blue glowing wire, it did look alot better in real life. but just have fun with it, it also looks really cool in the toilet, or on your skin.

Ask if you have any questions

That sounds a lot like the actuall Bohr-Model of an atom. And yeah it works here ieven when it's not completly right.
phlfm4 years ago
It glows because when you excite it(give it energy) the eletrons jump to a new energy level, when they jump back to their normal energy level, they release that extra energy in form of light.